Oh, hey Friday

I've been talking about decorating our room for ages and guess what? I finally made some progress this week! We still have a long ways to go because our room is really long, big and awkward but it's definitely headed in the right direction. And by right direction, I mean 50 shades of grey...
We like grey.

A lot.  


Someone else likes all the grey too...
West Elm was having a great sale last week so I scooped up a pretty duvet. It's sooo soft! I snagged the pillows from Home Goods as well as the rugs. Oh the rugs, I swear they were a lot bigger in the store! I may have to look for some other ones later. The curtains and mirrors above the bed are from TJ Max (because I'm a maxanista!). I used our old lamp bases and just got some new shades until I really find what I want. Everything else was what we already had that I rearranged a bit, for the time being. What I'd still love to add...

//one. a plank wall //
Since the room is so long, it really needs something with a big impact to create that coziness and depth I'm looking for. I thought a plank wall would be perfect for that! It'll add a lot of impact, warmth and texture. I haven't decided whether I want to do the fireplace wall or the wall with my vanity. I'm also torn between a nice rich warm wood stain or a mix of a whitewash, minty color and natural wood. Decisions, decisions. Thoughts?
Source. Their renovation is awesome!!
//two. throw pillows and shams//
Here's a secret, I actually hate throw pillows. They get in the way, you always have to move them and just generally annoy me. Like on Along Came Polly where she's helping him stuff TONS of throw pillows into a chest and they finally rip the pillows to shreds. That's my dream. BUT they do add so much to a room. Guess I'll suck it up for the sake of design, sigh. Anyways, throw pillows. Probably some peach/coral to add some colors to the 50 shades of grey. And, these ones are still on sale, boom!
//three. mantle//
I googled 'how to decorate a mantle' and discovered there is a whole science behind it! Did you know that?! This is one of my fav examples...one large element, a medium grouping on the side and a grouping of smaller items on the other side. Done and done. 
//four. lamps//
I spotted these lamps at Pottery Barn and immediately fell in love...until I saw the price tag. I saw some at Costco that had the glass base but they just weren't 'it'. I may need to save some more pennies for these bad boys.
//five. blankets//
There's a few things I collect, not intentionally. Jackets (I have an embarrassing amount), yarn (duh) and blankets. We have a closet full of blankets, Autumn has an entire cabinet in her room full of her blankets (I passed down my obsession) and I still can't get enough. I'd love one...or ten...of these cozy puppies!
 This list of things we 'need' could go on and on! I'm still on the hunt for an armoire/TV stand, a loveseat by the fire, bigger rugs, a bench, a mirror for my vanity and wall art/things. Oh and pallets, preferably free pallets...and power tools, lots and lots of power tools!

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Happy Friday and almost Weekend!


  1. I LOVE your bedroom! I'm working on using a similar color scheme for our bedroom update.

    1. Thank you!! I'm kind of in love with the colors too, they are sooo soothing, perfect for a bedroom! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Ahhh I believe we are style soul sisters! Love love love the grey bedroom and the plank wall is to die for! I've actually pinned something similar for a nursery one day!

  3. Stopping by from the linkup & I absolutely love your bedroom!! My duvet is from West Elm as well- they have the prettiest ones don't they?? And I think coral & grey will go perfectly together. Good luck with all of your projects!


  4. I love your room and I love what you have planned for it! I have never had throw pillows on my bed forthe same reasons! But they sure do look pretty :)