Our Trip to the 'Baaath'

We headed to the lake Saturday morning for lots of sun, fun and sand. Autumn was in heaven with the 'baaath'! Sand and water are two of her favorite things so it was destined to be a win.You know what doesn't go with the lake? Phones and water = no bueno. Phones + no way to charge= no bueno. My pictures are limited :(
Autumn mostly played on the shore where she could safely splash around and plop her booty in the water but could still play with the sand. She was not a huge fan of swimming though. Next time.
We took her out on the boat and she did great! The life jacket annoyed the crap out of her but other than that she loved the boat! She was waving at the ducks, kept saying 'weeee' and waving to all the other boats. She even started to fall asleep a couple times! We took her swimming in the middle of nowhere and she did a little better for a bit but eventually started fussing again. On the last day the water was much calmer and she even got to drive the boat! ;)
Saturday evening a big storm started coming in and it got super windy. This hampered many of our plans but we made the most of it. Eventually it passed and we were able to have a fire and some chocolate chip cookie s'mores. OMG so good! I didn't get a pic because it was gone before I remembered.
There was sooo much going on that Autumn did not want to take a nap. At all. She started to crash hard after dinner and finally fell asleep...even with our very rude neighbors that were blaring music until 10:30pm! Surprisingly she slept thru the night (with one little wake-up) and was ready to go again on Sunday.
It was more beach, playing and packing up. UGH, packing up gives me the yucks! It has to be the worst part of lake trips.
All in all we had a successful first lake trip with a toddler! She LOVED all the wawa and sand and was running around like a happy little girl. We'll hopefully be making at least one more trip before the summer is over.

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  1. So glad she did so good! I love that she calls it a 'bath'...Carter says that about the pool too, even if he isn't very interested in swimming this year!