Oh, hey Friday: Pinterest Edition

What did people do before Pinterest? Where did you find those 'OMG so good' recipes, what is the latest trend and how on earth did people throw a party before Pinterest? Ok, that may be a little overboard but seriously, it's addicting. I probably send far too much time on there during my mommy time or when I should really be going to bed. 

There is this whole new Pinterest Analytics thing that shows how your pins are working, what's popular and where the most traffic is coming from. To be honest, I don't really understand the full implications of this but if you were super savvy I'm sure it could come in handy. Someday...for now, I just thought it'd be fun to share a few of my top pins.

This has been my most popular pin, by far. I made these cute s'mores party favors for my besties woodland baby shower (see more of the party here). It was so simple but turned out to be a huge hit. Take a wide mouth mason jar, Hershey's bar, some marshmallows, graham crackers and a cute tag. I also included instructions printed on some plaid paper showing how to make oven s'mores. Although, a campfire is my preferred method :)
Remember that time we were going to get married and I started pinning a million wedding things asap?! Ya, then we had a baby, bought a house and have yet to get married :) haha, someday...this is #2 most popular pin. I would still love to get one of these custom hangers one day.

Last year I was still working through the whole 'full time job and baby' gig so I mostly wore my hair with it's natural curl. This DIY beach hair spray is perfect for enhancing natural curl without leaving it crunchy.

I started pinning a million and one inspirational quotes onto my Wisdom board after I saw a great motivational idea. I've been attempting to do another Whole 30 dozens of times but just haven't been able to stick with it. So I wrote down 30 quotes and made an old school paper chain (ya, pull out your scissors and glue stick). Everyday I pull off a quote and keep it with me to get through the day. So far, it's helped! I'm down 7lbs, working out 5-6 days a week and generally feeling great, woot woot! 
Last but not least was a mustache baby shower cake and cupcakes I did for a friend. It's still one of my favs! I miss doing cakes. I think it may be time to dust off the ole cake pans! 
So there you have it, a few of my top pins. Now to get thru the next 8 hours then it's a long weekend of family, wine and fun! Happy Weekend!!

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Wednesday Randoms

I have a serious case of the Mondays, except it's Wednesday. I shot out of bed at 4am because Autumn's monitor started beeping like crazy. Of course we freaked out and went to check on her. Sound asleep. It was beeping like when the other one isn't plugged in or is out of range. Which is so weird because the monitor in her room is well out of reach. I was going through endless scenarios of what it could be but still can't figure it out. My guesses were a ghost (I hope not!), little elves, or her toys came alive and were effing with us. I was totally freaked out and couldn't fall asleep until right before my alarm. Go figure. Also, I don't think I wear this necklace enough ;)
Did you watch the Emmy's Monday night? I don't usually get into that type of stuff but I wanted to see it for Breaking Bad, Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards sightings. Breaking Bad tore it up and ABQ even got a few shout outs! I LOVED that! I cannot wait until Better Call Saul starts in February because I'm having major Breaking Bad withdrawls. For the past few months they've been filming next to my work and have been here all week. I think I may run over there for a possible star sighting! haha, not really...maybe...
I've been cleaning out the house and shifting stuff around as part of my neurosis fall cleaning in preparation for a garage sale. When I transfered all my clothes to my new dresser, I had tons to get rid of. I also 'shopped' for furniture around the house and re-did a few rooms including Autumns playroom. It is mind boggling how much stuff that kid accumulates! I blame this on the Grandparents :) So we're getting rid of tons of her old toys, clothes and shoes.
Ignore the left side of the picture. Lots of work to still be done!
Speaking of shoes. I couldn't resist buying another pair of Freshly Picked moccs last week during a great sale they had. We got the Aruba color and they should be here any day. I bought her first pair last year and she can still wear them, talk about longevity. I bought a size bigger so she'll have them longer :)
My 24th birthday, the sequal x a few years ;) is coming up in a few short weeks. I keep getting asked what I'd like for my b-day and I honestly cannot think of anything. I need boring stuff like makeup, some Victoria Secrets stuff or stuff for the house. Lame, right?! I guess that happens when you become an adult :( I wouldn't be mad if I got this light for the dining room
allen + roth
Ok, well there you have some very random randomness for your Wednesday. Only 2.5 more days til the long weekend. Cheers to that!


Silver Linings and a Wonderful Weekend

My day started out with some good news and some bad news. The good news is I got a glorious hour and a half of extra sleep today. The bad news, it was at the result of me not turning on my alarm clock which meant I woke up at the time I was supposed to leave! Eeeek!

This is how I felt this morning...
Anyways, I've been a little MIA from the ole blog here but for good reason. We've had a lot of family stuff going on the past month or so. It's been a physically and emotionally draining few weeks but I'm happy to say we can now see the very bright and hopeful light at the end of the tunnel! Vague enough? Yes! But hopefully now I can get back to some fun stuff like planning Autumn's birthday party (between soft sobs at having an almost 2 year old!), continue working on Etsy stuff with TONS of exciting changes coming up and just enjoying my favorite time of year which kicks off with the wine fest this weekend! Lots of exciting stuff to look forward to, and that my friends, is the silver lining.

This weekend was great! We had a team lunch on Friday at work which included beers, good food and getting out a few hours early. I ain't mad about that! I had lots of plans to take my gal out but when I got home she was fast asleep from 2 until almost 6pm when we woke her up! This meant I got tons done like working out, cleaned, made dinner, visited with my mom and worked on Etsy stuff. 
Saturday we went to my parents house to visit and get some stuff done at their house. Autumn took another super long nap there. I think she's going through a major growth spurt because she has been sleeping SO much and eating like a little horse. 4 bowls of cereal anyone?!

Saturday night Ernest and I enjoyed a night kid free while my parents enjoyed the evening with Autumn.
We were supposed to go to a concert but that was a bust so we just hung out with friends and hitup some breweries in town. It was perfection! Nothing like good conversations, good beer and a beautiful night out to recharge those parent batteries!
The next morning? Not so good. Neither of us drink often so pair that with brewery beers and too many, no bueno. I had to power through because Jack had a date with his stylist at 8am so I just went to get Autumn at that time. We made breakfast at my parents house and it was just what the doctor ordered! I also made them some pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips that were to die for! Best hungover food for sure. 
Once we picked up Jack, Autumn helped me put together my Ikea dresser. She was such a good helper! We took a break for dinner. Autumn took a nap in the morning but refused to take one in the afternoon (we're pretty much down to one a day) so she was tired. Tired toddler at a restaurant does not mix! She was being such a ham and so loud! We were totally those parents with the toddler climbing all over and being noisy. Oh well!
We had such a refreshing weekend and it was just what we all needed! Looking forward to Labor Day coming up and then birthday season, fall and so much more!
Happy Monday :)


Oh hey, Friday

I haven't been blogging much, mostly because I haven't had much to say. I've been busy with Etsy, work and our growing gal which doesn't leave much time for a lot of other stuff, like blogging. But I do like this forum to say whatever it is I have to say. Ready for some random ramblings?!

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We are planning a trip to Vegas in September and I wish it were tomorrow. As much as I'll miss the babe, I can't wait to have some adult time. By adult time I mean sleeping in, using the bathroom by myself, and having an adult conversation that doesn't involve the words Peppa Pig or Bubble Guppies. The bad news, I need to learn how to walk in heels again. Effff.
I am over the hot weather. O V E R it! It's been humid and hot and gross and I have had more than enough. Bring on the cool, crisp fall weather! I really wish it was fall weather 24/7. At least my nails look like fall!
Note: my scarecrow hair. Not cool. Thank goodness it's getting cut and colored tomorrow!
Starbucks just announced the Pumpkin Spice Latte will be coming out sooner this year! August 25th to be exact! White girls in their yoga pants are rejoicing around the world! Including me and my yoga pants covered in lint and toddler food fingerprints. Do yourself a favor and search #psl. You may die laughing. You've been warned.
I've been working on Autumn's playroom for the better half of a year. I've organized it and re-arranged it maybe a hundred times so far. I finally feel like we're making some progress. I did some entire house rearranging and put this square storage unit in her playroom, bought a new bookshelf for the living room and got rid of tons of crap. It's looking a lot better and gives her more room to play. Now it's just missing some artwork, decorations and an art table to feel a little more cozy. When we went to IKEA last weekend, they were out of the play table I wanted for her, nooooo! Next time.
I have been working like a madwoman to update my Etsy shop and fancy it up. I'll be making some BIG changes to it soon. Think new look, new stuff and maybe a new name! I'll be adding some more chunky cozy scarves, ear warmers and holiday art just in time for fall!
Get this here
Happy Friday!


Our Weekend in Colorado

We took a much needed long weekend to Colorado to visit family. It was relaxing, fun and the weather was awesome! Here's another amazing post of crappy (and not enough) iPhone pictures...
 The trip up there was less than awesome. We were all tired, someone was trying to claw and scream her way out of a car seat and it was rainy. Yeah, that describes a 6 hour drive. Ok, it wasn't that bad but it wasn't great either.
We woke up refreshed and ready to go Friday morning. Autumn woke up...sleepy. She took a long morning nap which put us out the door around noon. No biggie though, we enjoyed some (decaf for me) coffee, breakfast and the cool Colorado air until sleeping beauty woke up. After a failed attempt at visiting Garden of the Gods of getting separated, lost and without parking, we headed to Manitou Springs. 
It's this adorable little town with lots of old buildings and little shops. We stopped for some BBQ and an ice cream. Oh my, the ice cream. I was trying to be good but kept having some of my Mom's mocha java ice cream that had real espresso beans and dark chocolate chunks. OMG, heaven!  Ok, let me wipe up my drool.

I let Autumn have an ice cream too and she has never been so quiet. Girlfriend was in heaven!! Once we wiped up all the ice cream she didn't eat, we visited my Aunt's work, my cousins school and the grocery store.

In order to make sure Autumn got a good nights rest, we took her swimming at my parents hotel. She LOVED it! She was splashing, kicking and screaming! We had such an awesome time! Followed by pizza and salad for me (boo!) and an early bedtime for us all!

Saturday we got up early and us girls hitup IKEA while the men went to Bass Pro Shop. Fitting, right? Do you know what you get when you mix a no-nap-teething-toddler + 4 hours in a busy, crowded Ikea? A hot mess!!! This was totally my bad because I thought if we went when they opened we'd miss the crowd. Wrong. I thought Autumn would be in a better mood in the am. Wrong again. Our little explorer didn't want to be in the cart and didn't want to be held. All she wanted was to run around like a wild child. Not gonna happen. I put her in the cart and she let me know (and everyone within a five mile radius) just how unhappy she was about that :) Yup, I was totally that mom.

Thank goodness for my Aunt and cousin because they totally saved the day (and my sanity) by keeping Autumn entertained while I did some shopping. About halfway through she used up all her energy and finally succumbed to the cart with a (new) blanket. After forgetting my shopping list, trying to keep Autumn from running off and feeling defeated by a toddler, it was not my most successful trip to Ikea. We still had fun though! The funnest part trying to cram all our shit into one vehicle. I think we deserve a badge for that trip!
She looks how I felt :)

Somehow I still had enough energy to make a special dinner for everyone while we watched Divergent. Then, my BFF from 6th grade (yup, 18 years of friendship!) was sweet enough to drive to have dinner and visit with us. I hadn't seen her since Autumn was 3 months old but it felt like we hadn't even skipped a beat! Her daughter is the sweetest and was kind enough to let Autumn rummage through all her rainbow bands while we caught up. It was definitely a highlight of our trip!
The only way this kid will take a picture looking at the camera, #selfie

The rest of the trip we just visited and relaxed before it was time to head home. I'm happy to say the trip home was MUCH better! Autumn and I napped then she played and played some more.

It was so refreshing to get out of town and see family and friends. We had such a good time with everyone and only wished we could do it more often! Until next time...


According to Autumn- 22 Months

22 Months have flown by!

32.5 inches! That's a 3/4" growth since last month! No exact weight but I'd say she's growing well based on the size of my biceps :) I'd been eying these giant rulers from Pottery Barn but figured I could make it easy enough. It's not completely finished (or hung) but I'm loving how its turning out! I may eventually add her name too. 
Clearly she loves it
Mostly 18 month, some 24 month. Time to go shopping as we near the fall months because we are quickly running out of clothes for our gal. I'm super sad about this ;)

Still great! Naps on the weekend are another story. Way too much fun to miss!

SO much better!!! Adding fat has done wonders for everything, including ahem, digestion. She still won't drink milk often but I've been sneaky by giving her cereal, mashed potatoes with milk, smoothies. Her favorite foods are: toast, peaches, avocados, salmon, spaghetti noodles and cheese.
Post dinner face
Again, not much to compare to, but we think she is talking up a storm. She's like our very own parrot repeating every.word.we.say. Including shit. Shit. More than all she is saying, is the understanding behind it. It's been storming every night and she said 'I hear thunder'. Say what?! And last night she said 'Daddy, it's stuck' (as in her toy). It's crazy how much she's learning and picking up on.
It's safe to say we have officially hit the 'Terrible Two's'. That sounds so harsh, but, it's a real thing. She has this really charming whine/cry to [try] getting what she wants. Not today Willis Autumn! She's started to protest certain things, like bath, eating, leaving and going to bed. The other night she said I'm ready and grabbed her blankie, so we headed to bed. The second we sat down to read she said 'nooooo' and started pointing to the door 'bubble guppies!!!' LOL. She was crying, throwing herself, trying to get down even though I knew she was exhausted. She kept crying for Bubble Guppies until she finally fell asleep. This kid.
//Everything Else//
Everyday we're cracking up at all the funny things Autumn says or does. She's definitely keeping us on our toes these days with her personality and all her toddler-isms...

'Mama try, Dadda try'. This can be anything from eating chapstick, putting whatever snack she has in our mouth (covered in toddler slobber) or falling on the ground.

And yes, eating chapstick. What a weirdo :) Just kidding, I mean, it tastes good...right? I guess I can see her logic. But, because of this, we have to keep all chapstick, lip gloss, or lipstick out of her sight or you can bet she'll ask for it 10 million times.

Autumn loves to 'shake her booty' and now she loves for us to dance with her. She'll come behind you or pull your leg if you're standing and will say 'move Mama, move!' (I blame this on me constantly telling Jack to move since he has to be right under my feet 24/7, oops!)  and once she finally gets us up it's 'dance' and you better get moving. This usually turns into 'ashes, ashes' and we all fall down!

Stickers. How our gal loves her stickers. These are another out of sight item otherwise she'll be covered from head to toe in stickers. Autumn puts them on her forehead, both hands, arms, legs and of course all over us too. 'Mama try. Head, brow, no (nose), there!' and claps. Girlfriend LOVES her stickers!

This is where she always wants her stickers. Smack dab between her eyebrows!
Taking a picture of Autumn is damn near impossible these days. As soon as she see's you're taking a pic, she says 'I see' and goes for the phone. If she gets a hold of it, she'll watch videos of herself and other people (on Vine) on repeat until the phone battery is gone. Which in my case isn't long since my phone is rarely charged. Lets just say selfies are our friend these days :)
This is what my pics look like 10 to 1
Singing! She LOVES to sing! Her favorite is 'when the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, that's amore' lol. She's always singing something that we usually can't decipher but it's adorable nonetheless.
We love this little monkey!


Oh hey, August

Hello, August! August has always been the beginning of all the things I love..football, the wine fest, my birthday, my babes SECOND birthday (pause while I catch my breath), fall and Halloween. I welcome August with open arms! 

To celebrate the start of my favorite season, I'm offering 25% off in my shop until Sunday. Boom!
I bought this sweatshirt last night. I ordered the t-shirt version and loved it, the fabric is so soft! My mom loved it so much that she wanted to keep it :) 
However, it couldn't be anymore of a false statement. It really should say this:
I had the brilliant idea to quit coffee cold turkey because I was getting out of hand with my venti iced coffee's. That's plural, in one day. Hello insomnia! Lets just say this week has been brutal. Like the worst hangover of your life x5 days.We'll see how long this no coffee wagon lasts.

I bought 3 pretty statement necklaces from Hautelook a few weeks ago and I am in LOVE. I seriously wear them everyday! 

It's been raining almost everyday for the last week or so. The result is crazy humidity and terrible hair (see above). But, it also results in our little lady running around in the rain like the happiest girl ever! She had so much fun skipping in the puddles and seeing the 'wane-bow'. All we kept hearing was 'oooo pre-eeee'. 

I have been waiting impatiently to start planning Autumn's second birthday party...until now. I have a few million ideas already brewing. I'm loving all the party supplies on Etsy! Bring on the tassle, party hats and confetti! I'm eating my words that we wouldn't do a big party every year, screw it! YOLO! 
Happy Friday! XOXO
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