According to Autumn- 22 Months

22 Months have flown by!

32.5 inches! That's a 3/4" growth since last month! No exact weight but I'd say she's growing well based on the size of my biceps :) I'd been eying these giant rulers from Pottery Barn but figured I could make it easy enough. It's not completely finished (or hung) but I'm loving how its turning out! I may eventually add her name too. 
Clearly she loves it
Mostly 18 month, some 24 month. Time to go shopping as we near the fall months because we are quickly running out of clothes for our gal. I'm super sad about this ;)

Still great! Naps on the weekend are another story. Way too much fun to miss!

SO much better!!! Adding fat has done wonders for everything, including ahem, digestion. She still won't drink milk often but I've been sneaky by giving her cereal, mashed potatoes with milk, smoothies. Her favorite foods are: toast, peaches, avocados, salmon, spaghetti noodles and cheese.
Post dinner face
Again, not much to compare to, but we think she is talking up a storm. She's like our very own parrot repeating every.word.we.say. Including shit. Shit. More than all she is saying, is the understanding behind it. It's been storming every night and she said 'I hear thunder'. Say what?! And last night she said 'Daddy, it's stuck' (as in her toy). It's crazy how much she's learning and picking up on.
It's safe to say we have officially hit the 'Terrible Two's'. That sounds so harsh, but, it's a real thing. She has this really charming whine/cry to [try] getting what she wants. Not today Willis Autumn! She's started to protest certain things, like bath, eating, leaving and going to bed. The other night she said I'm ready and grabbed her blankie, so we headed to bed. The second we sat down to read she said 'nooooo' and started pointing to the door 'bubble guppies!!!' LOL. She was crying, throwing herself, trying to get down even though I knew she was exhausted. She kept crying for Bubble Guppies until she finally fell asleep. This kid.
//Everything Else//
Everyday we're cracking up at all the funny things Autumn says or does. She's definitely keeping us on our toes these days with her personality and all her toddler-isms...

'Mama try, Dadda try'. This can be anything from eating chapstick, putting whatever snack she has in our mouth (covered in toddler slobber) or falling on the ground.

And yes, eating chapstick. What a weirdo :) Just kidding, I mean, it tastes good...right? I guess I can see her logic. But, because of this, we have to keep all chapstick, lip gloss, or lipstick out of her sight or you can bet she'll ask for it 10 million times.

Autumn loves to 'shake her booty' and now she loves for us to dance with her. She'll come behind you or pull your leg if you're standing and will say 'move Mama, move!' (I blame this on me constantly telling Jack to move since he has to be right under my feet 24/7, oops!)  and once she finally gets us up it's 'dance' and you better get moving. This usually turns into 'ashes, ashes' and we all fall down!

Stickers. How our gal loves her stickers. These are another out of sight item otherwise she'll be covered from head to toe in stickers. Autumn puts them on her forehead, both hands, arms, legs and of course all over us too. 'Mama try. Head, brow, no (nose), there!' and claps. Girlfriend LOVES her stickers!

This is where she always wants her stickers. Smack dab between her eyebrows!
Taking a picture of Autumn is damn near impossible these days. As soon as she see's you're taking a pic, she says 'I see' and goes for the phone. If she gets a hold of it, she'll watch videos of herself and other people (on Vine) on repeat until the phone battery is gone. Which in my case isn't long since my phone is rarely charged. Lets just say selfies are our friend these days :)
This is what my pics look like 10 to 1
Singing! She LOVES to sing! Her favorite is 'when the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, that's amore' lol. She's always singing something that we usually can't decipher but it's adorable nonetheless.
We love this little monkey!

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