Oh hey, August

Hello, August! August has always been the beginning of all the things I love..football, the wine fest, my birthday, my babes SECOND birthday (pause while I catch my breath), fall and Halloween. I welcome August with open arms! 

To celebrate the start of my favorite season, I'm offering 25% off in my shop until Sunday. Boom!
I bought this sweatshirt last night. I ordered the t-shirt version and loved it, the fabric is so soft! My mom loved it so much that she wanted to keep it :) 
However, it couldn't be anymore of a false statement. It really should say this:
I had the brilliant idea to quit coffee cold turkey because I was getting out of hand with my venti iced coffee's. That's plural, in one day. Hello insomnia! Lets just say this week has been brutal. Like the worst hangover of your life x5 days.We'll see how long this no coffee wagon lasts.

I bought 3 pretty statement necklaces from Hautelook a few weeks ago and I am in LOVE. I seriously wear them everyday! 

It's been raining almost everyday for the last week or so. The result is crazy humidity and terrible hair (see above). But, it also results in our little lady running around in the rain like the happiest girl ever! She had so much fun skipping in the puddles and seeing the 'wane-bow'. All we kept hearing was 'oooo pre-eeee'. 

I have been waiting impatiently to start planning Autumn's second birthday party...until now. I have a few million ideas already brewing. I'm loving all the party supplies on Etsy! Bring on the tassle, party hats and confetti! I'm eating my words that we wouldn't do a big party every year, screw it! YOLO! 
Happy Friday! XOXO
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  1. Your little lady is the cutest! And her party is going to be totally fabulous!
    Good luck with the no coffee - my farmer is totally addicted... I have never done well with it though - shake city right here.
    Thanks for linking up!!