Oh, hey Friday: Pinterest Edition

What did people do before Pinterest? Where did you find those 'OMG so good' recipes, what is the latest trend and how on earth did people throw a party before Pinterest? Ok, that may be a little overboard but seriously, it's addicting. I probably send far too much time on there during my mommy time or when I should really be going to bed. 

There is this whole new Pinterest Analytics thing that shows how your pins are working, what's popular and where the most traffic is coming from. To be honest, I don't really understand the full implications of this but if you were super savvy I'm sure it could come in handy. Someday...for now, I just thought it'd be fun to share a few of my top pins.

This has been my most popular pin, by far. I made these cute s'mores party favors for my besties woodland baby shower (see more of the party here). It was so simple but turned out to be a huge hit. Take a wide mouth mason jar, Hershey's bar, some marshmallows, graham crackers and a cute tag. I also included instructions printed on some plaid paper showing how to make oven s'mores. Although, a campfire is my preferred method :)
Remember that time we were going to get married and I started pinning a million wedding things asap?! Ya, then we had a baby, bought a house and have yet to get married :) haha, someday...this is #2 most popular pin. I would still love to get one of these custom hangers one day.

Last year I was still working through the whole 'full time job and baby' gig so I mostly wore my hair with it's natural curl. This DIY beach hair spray is perfect for enhancing natural curl without leaving it crunchy.

I started pinning a million and one inspirational quotes onto my Wisdom board after I saw a great motivational idea. I've been attempting to do another Whole 30 dozens of times but just haven't been able to stick with it. So I wrote down 30 quotes and made an old school paper chain (ya, pull out your scissors and glue stick). Everyday I pull off a quote and keep it with me to get through the day. So far, it's helped! I'm down 7lbs, working out 5-6 days a week and generally feeling great, woot woot! 
Last but not least was a mustache baby shower cake and cupcakes I did for a friend. It's still one of my favs! I miss doing cakes. I think it may be time to dust off the ole cake pans! 
So there you have it, a few of my top pins. Now to get thru the next 8 hours then it's a long weekend of family, wine and fun! Happy Weekend!!

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