Our Weekend in Colorado

We took a much needed long weekend to Colorado to visit family. It was relaxing, fun and the weather was awesome! Here's another amazing post of crappy (and not enough) iPhone pictures...
 The trip up there was less than awesome. We were all tired, someone was trying to claw and scream her way out of a car seat and it was rainy. Yeah, that describes a 6 hour drive. Ok, it wasn't that bad but it wasn't great either.
We woke up refreshed and ready to go Friday morning. Autumn woke up...sleepy. She took a long morning nap which put us out the door around noon. No biggie though, we enjoyed some (decaf for me) coffee, breakfast and the cool Colorado air until sleeping beauty woke up. After a failed attempt at visiting Garden of the Gods of getting separated, lost and without parking, we headed to Manitou Springs. 
It's this adorable little town with lots of old buildings and little shops. We stopped for some BBQ and an ice cream. Oh my, the ice cream. I was trying to be good but kept having some of my Mom's mocha java ice cream that had real espresso beans and dark chocolate chunks. OMG, heaven!  Ok, let me wipe up my drool.

I let Autumn have an ice cream too and she has never been so quiet. Girlfriend was in heaven!! Once we wiped up all the ice cream she didn't eat, we visited my Aunt's work, my cousins school and the grocery store.

In order to make sure Autumn got a good nights rest, we took her swimming at my parents hotel. She LOVED it! She was splashing, kicking and screaming! We had such an awesome time! Followed by pizza and salad for me (boo!) and an early bedtime for us all!

Saturday we got up early and us girls hitup IKEA while the men went to Bass Pro Shop. Fitting, right? Do you know what you get when you mix a no-nap-teething-toddler + 4 hours in a busy, crowded Ikea? A hot mess!!! This was totally my bad because I thought if we went when they opened we'd miss the crowd. Wrong. I thought Autumn would be in a better mood in the am. Wrong again. Our little explorer didn't want to be in the cart and didn't want to be held. All she wanted was to run around like a wild child. Not gonna happen. I put her in the cart and she let me know (and everyone within a five mile radius) just how unhappy she was about that :) Yup, I was totally that mom.

Thank goodness for my Aunt and cousin because they totally saved the day (and my sanity) by keeping Autumn entertained while I did some shopping. About halfway through she used up all her energy and finally succumbed to the cart with a (new) blanket. After forgetting my shopping list, trying to keep Autumn from running off and feeling defeated by a toddler, it was not my most successful trip to Ikea. We still had fun though! The funnest part trying to cram all our shit into one vehicle. I think we deserve a badge for that trip!
She looks how I felt :)

Somehow I still had enough energy to make a special dinner for everyone while we watched Divergent. Then, my BFF from 6th grade (yup, 18 years of friendship!) was sweet enough to drive to have dinner and visit with us. I hadn't seen her since Autumn was 3 months old but it felt like we hadn't even skipped a beat! Her daughter is the sweetest and was kind enough to let Autumn rummage through all her rainbow bands while we caught up. It was definitely a highlight of our trip!
The only way this kid will take a picture looking at the camera, #selfie

The rest of the trip we just visited and relaxed before it was time to head home. I'm happy to say the trip home was MUCH better! Autumn and I napped then she played and played some more.

It was so refreshing to get out of town and see family and friends. We had such a good time with everyone and only wished we could do it more often! Until next time...


  1. Your daughter is adorable!!! Those cheeks! So cute!! Your pictures look beautiful! I have yet to travel to CO but it's definitely in my prayer book!