Silver Linings and a Wonderful Weekend

My day started out with some good news and some bad news. The good news is I got a glorious hour and a half of extra sleep today. The bad news, it was at the result of me not turning on my alarm clock which meant I woke up at the time I was supposed to leave! Eeeek!

This is how I felt this morning...
Anyways, I've been a little MIA from the ole blog here but for good reason. We've had a lot of family stuff going on the past month or so. It's been a physically and emotionally draining few weeks but I'm happy to say we can now see the very bright and hopeful light at the end of the tunnel! Vague enough? Yes! But hopefully now I can get back to some fun stuff like planning Autumn's birthday party (between soft sobs at having an almost 2 year old!), continue working on Etsy stuff with TONS of exciting changes coming up and just enjoying my favorite time of year which kicks off with the wine fest this weekend! Lots of exciting stuff to look forward to, and that my friends, is the silver lining.

This weekend was great! We had a team lunch on Friday at work which included beers, good food and getting out a few hours early. I ain't mad about that! I had lots of plans to take my gal out but when I got home she was fast asleep from 2 until almost 6pm when we woke her up! This meant I got tons done like working out, cleaned, made dinner, visited with my mom and worked on Etsy stuff. 
Saturday we went to my parents house to visit and get some stuff done at their house. Autumn took another super long nap there. I think she's going through a major growth spurt because she has been sleeping SO much and eating like a little horse. 4 bowls of cereal anyone?!

Saturday night Ernest and I enjoyed a night kid free while my parents enjoyed the evening with Autumn.
We were supposed to go to a concert but that was a bust so we just hung out with friends and hitup some breweries in town. It was perfection! Nothing like good conversations, good beer and a beautiful night out to recharge those parent batteries!
The next morning? Not so good. Neither of us drink often so pair that with brewery beers and too many, no bueno. I had to power through because Jack had a date with his stylist at 8am so I just went to get Autumn at that time. We made breakfast at my parents house and it was just what the doctor ordered! I also made them some pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips that were to die for! Best hungover food for sure. 
Once we picked up Jack, Autumn helped me put together my Ikea dresser. She was such a good helper! We took a break for dinner. Autumn took a nap in the morning but refused to take one in the afternoon (we're pretty much down to one a day) so she was tired. Tired toddler at a restaurant does not mix! She was being such a ham and so loud! We were totally those parents with the toddler climbing all over and being noisy. Oh well!
We had such a refreshing weekend and it was just what we all needed! Looking forward to Labor Day coming up and then birthday season, fall and so much more!
Happy Monday :)

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