Wednesday Randoms

I have a serious case of the Mondays, except it's Wednesday. I shot out of bed at 4am because Autumn's monitor started beeping like crazy. Of course we freaked out and went to check on her. Sound asleep. It was beeping like when the other one isn't plugged in or is out of range. Which is so weird because the monitor in her room is well out of reach. I was going through endless scenarios of what it could be but still can't figure it out. My guesses were a ghost (I hope not!), little elves, or her toys came alive and were effing with us. I was totally freaked out and couldn't fall asleep until right before my alarm. Go figure. Also, I don't think I wear this necklace enough ;)
Did you watch the Emmy's Monday night? I don't usually get into that type of stuff but I wanted to see it for Breaking Bad, Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards sightings. Breaking Bad tore it up and ABQ even got a few shout outs! I LOVED that! I cannot wait until Better Call Saul starts in February because I'm having major Breaking Bad withdrawls. For the past few months they've been filming next to my work and have been here all week. I think I may run over there for a possible star sighting! haha, not really...maybe...
I've been cleaning out the house and shifting stuff around as part of my neurosis fall cleaning in preparation for a garage sale. When I transfered all my clothes to my new dresser, I had tons to get rid of. I also 'shopped' for furniture around the house and re-did a few rooms including Autumns playroom. It is mind boggling how much stuff that kid accumulates! I blame this on the Grandparents :) So we're getting rid of tons of her old toys, clothes and shoes.
Ignore the left side of the picture. Lots of work to still be done!
Speaking of shoes. I couldn't resist buying another pair of Freshly Picked moccs last week during a great sale they had. We got the Aruba color and they should be here any day. I bought her first pair last year and she can still wear them, talk about longevity. I bought a size bigger so she'll have them longer :)
My 24th birthday, the sequal x a few years ;) is coming up in a few short weeks. I keep getting asked what I'd like for my b-day and I honestly cannot think of anything. I need boring stuff like makeup, some Victoria Secrets stuff or stuff for the house. Lame, right?! I guess that happens when you become an adult :( I wouldn't be mad if I got this light for the dining room
allen + roth
Ok, well there you have some very random randomness for your Wednesday. Only 2.5 more days til the long weekend. Cheers to that!

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