A Birthday Wish List Fit for a Princess

Our little lady is not shy about telling us what she likes and absolutely 'don't want'! We see her big personality coming out more and more each day, and for that, this list would make my little 'pen-sess' just smitten :)

First off, there's some basics she needs. By need, I mean she needs clothes and would look damn adorable in these :) I've spent the last few weeks cleaning out the house (again!) in particular Autumn's closet. Since we're in between seasons it's been harder to dress her. She has almost outgrown everything that is summer appropriate so we're quickly needing some new fall/winter clothes. With some crazy hot days, cool mornings or chilly days, layering is our best friend. Shopping is so much fun for her, I could just go on and on (and on)!! 
An everyday vest would be great, this parka because it's too damn cute, tights, skinny jeans, a dress or twoshoes and a chambray shirt! Red/ tights/ brown boots/ ballet flats/ hat/ fur vest. And because her jammies always end up with food all over, these cute ones and some cat and skeleton ones too! Ok, that's a lot of wants for her but everything is just so cute right now! If it were socially acceptable for a thirtysomething twentysomething year old to wear a bear on her behind, I'd be all over that and everything else on this list!

Now, to the stuff she'll really love, aka, her wish list. Honestly, she doesn't need anything. This kid has more toys than time to play with them all. But that doesn't mean we can't dream, right?!

The one thing Autumn loves more than anything is painting, drawing or coloring! She has the cutest little setup...a lap table, her bean bag, two paint brushes, two rows of paints, water, a snack and usually Jack close by to catch anything that falls. I finally painted her little art table and now it's just awaiting the roll of drawing paper and Autumn's birthday. We decided to buy her a few more art supplies to go along with it too. These paints, some brushes and a few more crayons (that hopefully won't break!). 

Autumn's second love is singing and dancing! My parents bought her this adorable karaoke machine. She's really started to play dress up and will put every necklace and bracelet I own on, her little tutu, a headband or two and of course her crown. Or sometimes we resort to a dish towel around her like a dress! She loves to be the star of the show! I think she'd really enjoy some more dress up clothes to put concerts on for us with her new karaoke machine. Lets be real though, I may find some great stuff at the dollar store and more of it for a lot less!
Our gal is the girliest of all girls (she can play like a boy though too!). She just LOVES to have her toes painted all.the.time. She'd go crazy over this Piggy Polish! I always worry about all the chemicals and crap which is so nice about the Piggy Polish too. Eco friendly, odorless and non-toxic. One big pink painted thumbs up!

I cannot believe that in a little less than two weeks Autumn J. will be TWO YEARS OLD! Yikes!!



Oh, hey Friday

Happy Friday!
I fit all the stereotypes and LOVE all things pumpkin. When I saw pumpkin flavored yogurt at Target I jumped at it. I'm not a huge fan of yogurt/dairy but this was surprisingly good. So good that I may have already bought two more packages of it. Eeek!
A few weeks ago Ernest came home with a case of Angry Orchard Hard Cider (we had friends over). I've been obsessed with the Apple Ginger flavor since. So last weekend I may have bought a 6-pack and have been enjoying one every few days. Bad, bad habits. But so, so good. It's gluten free so that makes it less bad, right?! Right :)

Autumn's week has been jam packed! Monday my parents took her to the state fair, Tuesday she went to the children's museum and loved it! Tuesday night we had girls dinner with some of my friends (and Autumn was a wild, wild child!). Wednesday we took her to the fair again to fatten all of us up. It was glorious. Of course I forgot my phone in the car and have zero pictures.
 We love this time of year!
Tomorrow at 10am I am getting a massage at a fancy spa in town. I'm making a day of it with my Mom and we cannot wait! I am so excited to be pampered, relax and put my feet up for a bit. Can't wait!!
This Keurig 2.0 coffee maker is already on my Christmas list. It can brew a whole pot of coffee and does single cups too. On the weekends I like a lot of coffee and got sick of making individual cups so I started using a regular pot. Other times, I just want a cup instead of a whole pot. First world problems really, but I mean seriously. Problem solved! It's also on sale at Target, I may just have to treat myself now :)

And just because I absolutely cannot resit

 This video is hilarious. I suffer from resting bitch face. The struggle is real. But know, support is out there. You aren't alone :)

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Oh, hey Friday: Birthday Edition

Do people still make birthday lists at the age of...insert real age 24? Whether or not it's socially acceptable, I am making one! Here's what I'm loving and wishing for :)

I'm loving these wedges! I think I'm finally ready to start setting foot in some heels again. We'll start slowly with a cute wedge. These would be paired perfectly with some skinny jeans, a comfy sweater and cute scarf. 

This jacket. I've been looking for a jacket like this forever! A girl I work with had a perfect one on the other day so I had to ask about it. American Eagle, boom! Bring out that teenager in me :)

I rarely wear perfume because it usually gives me a horrible headache. So not worth it. But this Escada perfume is the only one I can wear without making me sick. It smells sweet, soft and feminine. It's perfect! I've been out for the last few years, lol, time to bring it back.

Scarfs! There are a few things I have too much of: jackets, shoes and scarfs! I just can't resist a plaid scarf. Doesn't it just scream fall?!

I'm always curious how many steps I take, not sure why, but I am. Guaranteed it's not enough (thanks desk job!). I've been eying a Fit Bit for a while. I only wish it had a watch with it too! But I'd still take it :)

Only a few hours left til I start my birthday weekend, TGIF!

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B I G Changes!

I have been one busy lady over here making some very big changes to my Etsy shop. I couldn't be more excited! I have a new shop name, new look, my own .com and lots of new goodies in my shop. 

The new name is Sometimes Sweet Studio. Because, sometimes I'm sweet, and sometimes I'm not ;) I wanted something a little cheeky and fun. I also wanted a name that would be broad enough so I could dabble into other things in the future.
I worked with Golden Fox Design (a fellow Etsy shop) to create a custom logo and collateral materials. I am in LOVE with the graphics! I'm still working on printing everything but will hopefully have the majority of the stuff next week. So, if you get an order from me in the next few days, please show pity on my sad little business cards right now! Ha! I promise the final products will look much better!
I've also added a bunch of new items to my shop! Including lots of goodies to keep you warm for fall, to decorate your house for the season and even some Halloween stuff. I'm adding new things all the time so check back often for new items!
Some fall decorations for your mantle. A piece of 3D art and some festive garland.
 A perfect black cat hat for the little

There's lot of other new stuff so be sure to check it all out!

To celebrate the new name and look, I'm offering 15% off any order now through Sunday! 
Use code FALL15.


A Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend reminded me of why I love the fall oh so much! It was the perfect combination of too much fun and happy, happy hearts.
Saturday morning was started out bright and early and we headed to Santa Fe for the Pet Parade. The parade is just a bunch of people who dress up, generally families, and of course their pets who are also dressed up. I was a little worried about the timing because 1. I woke up Autumn to go 2. We had to get there early to get a good spot and had to wait a little over an hour for the parade to start 3. sitting still and toddlers do not mix. We entertained ourselves with lots of selfies and coffee
She surprised me and did really well tho! She loved all the pets, marching bands and of course the candy! We walked around for a bit then headed to lunch with my Grandparents. Such a lovely morning!
Not my feet
I had the brilliant idea to go get green chili before we headed home. We ended up sitting in traffic from an accident for an hour then had to wait another 1.5 hours for our chili!! Thank goodness Autumn was mesmerized by the chili roasters and the smell! Oh, and lots of sugary peach tea :/ Mother of the year!
If we didn't have enough fun by this time, we headed home, took showers/baths then headed out for more fun. Ernest got invited for a Mustang car show at this new housing community. It turned out to be a whole community party/movie night. It was awesome! I didn't mind crashing it one bit :) There was a beer tent, a cool coffee truck, food, a bouncer, a photo booth, face painting and our baseball teams mascot. We hit everything up. 
I'm pretty sure we found the spot for Autumn's 2 year photos! Gorgeous!
Autumn's favorite part was running through the grass like a mad woman and showing everyone her shoes, haha. She got a kitty cat painted on her face (purple of course), ate the best grilled cheese ever and talked to Orbit. She was so excited to see him then was really skeptical once we got up to him, lol. The weather was beautiful and it truly was a perfect night! It was also the first time Autumn rode forward facing, eek! The Mustang is short on car seat room so that was the only way we could all go. Stop growing Autumn! We had the best Saturday ever!

Sunday we were all pooped. Autumn woke up grumpy, threw a major tantrum after she head-but me right in the mouth, I put her down, she tripped and it was all downhill from there. Poor babe was still exhausted shortly after she woke up and took a nap from 9-11am! We ran some errands then Ernest's parents picked up her for a little day date. I worked feverishly on some of Autumn's party stuff, cleaning out the closets for the garage sale this weekend and catching up on Once Upon A Time while I had the TV Peppa Pig and football free! haha.

This outfit...Autumn insisted on wearing these boots that are too small and this dress that is wayyyy too short! But she loved this outfit and rocked it like it was her job! She kept turning around and saying 'Princess'. Oh my! lol

I'm officially on the countdown to my birthday and, to be honest, I'm less than thrilled, ugh. I could do without another 29 the sequel birthday ;) Oh well, ready or not it's coming! Also, Monday:

1 year, 11 months

Hold the breaks! We are now less than a month away from having a two year old! How can that be?!
Healthy and growing is all we know! Official stats at her 2 year appointment.

Seriously, where are my 21.5 month clothes at?! Switching to 24 months clothes and just rolling things up or going with the 'flowy' look. Shoes are size 6! Seriously has her dad's feet!

Bedtime has officially been moved to 8pm...sleeps til about 7+
She watches Peppa Pig before bed to wind down
Girlfriend has a major sweet tooth like us both. We have to hide sweets or she'll ask for 'ey-keem' one million times. Eating is still iffy. She'll usually take a couple bites then say she's done. Which I've learned is just a break because 15 minutes later she'll plow through her whole plate and want more. Just like her Daddy! 

Favorites: olives, avocado, mac and cheese, sweets, chai lattes, coffee (seriously), fruit and cereal.
She is generally very well behaved but Terrible Two's are definitely upon us. It's usually those times she's tired that she'll lose her shit. Like last night. She spotted my lipgloss and wanted to eat use it. As much as I wanted slobber on my lips, I said no. This resulted in full on tantrum mode. She had another major meltdown in the morning over spilled milk, I'm sure, which resulted in a nap. So lovely :)
//Everything Else//
 Autumn is at this amazing stage right now. She is talking up a storm, interacting and we are truly seeing that big personality of hers shining through, very bright I might add! She is a little firecracker and says/does the funniest things all day long that I wish I could just record her all the time to capture her right here, right now in this stage. But instead I'll use my brain power to try and remember all the silly, sweet and sometimes not so sweet things she says in a day.

When she wakes up (on the weekend), she is ALL smiles. Since Jack is my shadow he's close behind me and he gets the king treatment. She'll say 'hiiiii Jack, ahhhh so cute!' and sometimes a 'ggggoooo mornin'.

I'll ask her what she wants for breakfast and the answer is almost always 'sirrulll' (cereal). She'll put down 3-4 bowls of cereal while we watch her favorite shows: Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies or Mickey's Clubhouse and snort a million times in between. Daddy Pig, snort! If you haven't seen Peppa Pig this will make zero sense :)

I'll usually try to kiss her milk soaked face and those chubby chubby cheeks every chance I get until I hear 'No mama, no kiss!' then she'll run to the couch and pretend she's crying. Which has now become another favorite of hers...Autumn makes the saddest face and says 'I crying, Au-um sad'. Where on earth she picked this up from is beyond me!

We have at least two tea parties a day which usually morphs into a dance/singing party. She loves, loves to dance and sing! I love her little imagination!
She also says 'you ready to roll?' at least 100x a day. And 'I check ya ears?' See first photo. Maybe we'll have a doctor on our hands!

There really isn't anything she doesn't say anymore. She's quite the chatterbox! We're working on colors since everything is still purple. Counting is going well, she's up to 10 on a good day! 

Her Grandma K took her to a tumbling class last week and she LOVED it! We need to make this a regular thing for sure :)
We are just in awe at all that she does and says. We just love her to pieces!


Labor Day Weekend

Also known as the most uneventful Labor Day Weekend we've had to date. Friday and Saturday were spent being lazy and taking too many naps because Ernest was sick and Autumn and I, well we just like to take naps and be lazy :) Sunday he thankfully woke up feeling much better so we headed to breakfast and then the wine fest.
It was pretty much the usual shenanigans...hot, too many people and way too much wine! But we had a really great time mingling and drinking. We took the party back to our house where the guys continued to drink and my (almost) sis-in-law and I sprawled out on the couch and watched KUWTK and Breaking Bad. I know, super exciting. Since neither of us drink often we were both feeling a little beat from the wine and sun. Lamo! lol.
Monday I picked up my gal, we had breakfast, played, went to Home Depot, painted, played, had a tea party and grabbed dinner. And here we are Tuesday Wednesday morning. Definitely not our most exciting weekend but everyone is back in good health and ready to tackle a short week!
We've got the pet parade ahead of us, some green chili and lots of football (whether we like it or not!). Happy Hump Day!