1 year, 11 months

Hold the breaks! We are now less than a month away from having a two year old! How can that be?!
Healthy and growing is all we know! Official stats at her 2 year appointment.

Seriously, where are my 21.5 month clothes at?! Switching to 24 months clothes and just rolling things up or going with the 'flowy' look. Shoes are size 6! Seriously has her dad's feet!

Bedtime has officially been moved to 8pm...sleeps til about 7+
She watches Peppa Pig before bed to wind down
Girlfriend has a major sweet tooth like us both. We have to hide sweets or she'll ask for 'ey-keem' one million times. Eating is still iffy. She'll usually take a couple bites then say she's done. Which I've learned is just a break because 15 minutes later she'll plow through her whole plate and want more. Just like her Daddy! 

Favorites: olives, avocado, mac and cheese, sweets, chai lattes, coffee (seriously), fruit and cereal.
She is generally very well behaved but Terrible Two's are definitely upon us. It's usually those times she's tired that she'll lose her shit. Like last night. She spotted my lipgloss and wanted to eat use it. As much as I wanted slobber on my lips, I said no. This resulted in full on tantrum mode. She had another major meltdown in the morning over spilled milk, I'm sure, which resulted in a nap. So lovely :)
//Everything Else//
 Autumn is at this amazing stage right now. She is talking up a storm, interacting and we are truly seeing that big personality of hers shining through, very bright I might add! She is a little firecracker and says/does the funniest things all day long that I wish I could just record her all the time to capture her right here, right now in this stage. But instead I'll use my brain power to try and remember all the silly, sweet and sometimes not so sweet things she says in a day.

When she wakes up (on the weekend), she is ALL smiles. Since Jack is my shadow he's close behind me and he gets the king treatment. She'll say 'hiiiii Jack, ahhhh so cute!' and sometimes a 'ggggoooo mornin'.

I'll ask her what she wants for breakfast and the answer is almost always 'sirrulll' (cereal). She'll put down 3-4 bowls of cereal while we watch her favorite shows: Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies or Mickey's Clubhouse and snort a million times in between. Daddy Pig, snort! If you haven't seen Peppa Pig this will make zero sense :)

I'll usually try to kiss her milk soaked face and those chubby chubby cheeks every chance I get until I hear 'No mama, no kiss!' then she'll run to the couch and pretend she's crying. Which has now become another favorite of hers...Autumn makes the saddest face and says 'I crying, Au-um sad'. Where on earth she picked this up from is beyond me!

We have at least two tea parties a day which usually morphs into a dance/singing party. She loves, loves to dance and sing! I love her little imagination!
She also says 'you ready to roll?' at least 100x a day. And 'I check ya ears?' See first photo. Maybe we'll have a doctor on our hands!

There really isn't anything she doesn't say anymore. She's quite the chatterbox! We're working on colors since everything is still purple. Counting is going well, she's up to 10 on a good day! 

Her Grandma K took her to a tumbling class last week and she LOVED it! We need to make this a regular thing for sure :)
We are just in awe at all that she does and says. We just love her to pieces!

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