A Birthday Wish List Fit for a Princess

Our little lady is not shy about telling us what she likes and absolutely 'don't want'! We see her big personality coming out more and more each day, and for that, this list would make my little 'pen-sess' just smitten :)

First off, there's some basics she needs. By need, I mean she needs clothes and would look damn adorable in these :) I've spent the last few weeks cleaning out the house (again!) in particular Autumn's closet. Since we're in between seasons it's been harder to dress her. She has almost outgrown everything that is summer appropriate so we're quickly needing some new fall/winter clothes. With some crazy hot days, cool mornings or chilly days, layering is our best friend. Shopping is so much fun for her, I could just go on and on (and on)!! 
An everyday vest would be great, this parka because it's too damn cute, tights, skinny jeans, a dress or twoshoes and a chambray shirt! Red/ tights/ brown boots/ ballet flats/ hat/ fur vest. And because her jammies always end up with food all over, these cute ones and some cat and skeleton ones too! Ok, that's a lot of wants for her but everything is just so cute right now! If it were socially acceptable for a thirtysomething twentysomething year old to wear a bear on her behind, I'd be all over that and everything else on this list!

Now, to the stuff she'll really love, aka, her wish list. Honestly, she doesn't need anything. This kid has more toys than time to play with them all. But that doesn't mean we can't dream, right?!

The one thing Autumn loves more than anything is painting, drawing or coloring! She has the cutest little setup...a lap table, her bean bag, two paint brushes, two rows of paints, water, a snack and usually Jack close by to catch anything that falls. I finally painted her little art table and now it's just awaiting the roll of drawing paper and Autumn's birthday. We decided to buy her a few more art supplies to go along with it too. These paints, some brushes and a few more crayons (that hopefully won't break!). 

Autumn's second love is singing and dancing! My parents bought her this adorable karaoke machine. She's really started to play dress up and will put every necklace and bracelet I own on, her little tutu, a headband or two and of course her crown. Or sometimes we resort to a dish towel around her like a dress! She loves to be the star of the show! I think she'd really enjoy some more dress up clothes to put concerts on for us with her new karaoke machine. Lets be real though, I may find some great stuff at the dollar store and more of it for a lot less!
Our gal is the girliest of all girls (she can play like a boy though too!). She just LOVES to have her toes painted all.the.time. She'd go crazy over this Piggy Polish! I always worry about all the chemicals and crap which is so nice about the Piggy Polish too. Eco friendly, odorless and non-toxic. One big pink painted thumbs up!

I cannot believe that in a little less than two weeks Autumn J. will be TWO YEARS OLD! Yikes!!


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