A Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend reminded me of why I love the fall oh so much! It was the perfect combination of too much fun and happy, happy hearts.
Saturday morning was started out bright and early and we headed to Santa Fe for the Pet Parade. The parade is just a bunch of people who dress up, generally families, and of course their pets who are also dressed up. I was a little worried about the timing because 1. I woke up Autumn to go 2. We had to get there early to get a good spot and had to wait a little over an hour for the parade to start 3. sitting still and toddlers do not mix. We entertained ourselves with lots of selfies and coffee
She surprised me and did really well tho! She loved all the pets, marching bands and of course the candy! We walked around for a bit then headed to lunch with my Grandparents. Such a lovely morning!
Not my feet
I had the brilliant idea to go get green chili before we headed home. We ended up sitting in traffic from an accident for an hour then had to wait another 1.5 hours for our chili!! Thank goodness Autumn was mesmerized by the chili roasters and the smell! Oh, and lots of sugary peach tea :/ Mother of the year!
If we didn't have enough fun by this time, we headed home, took showers/baths then headed out for more fun. Ernest got invited for a Mustang car show at this new housing community. It turned out to be a whole community party/movie night. It was awesome! I didn't mind crashing it one bit :) There was a beer tent, a cool coffee truck, food, a bouncer, a photo booth, face painting and our baseball teams mascot. We hit everything up. 
I'm pretty sure we found the spot for Autumn's 2 year photos! Gorgeous!
Autumn's favorite part was running through the grass like a mad woman and showing everyone her shoes, haha. She got a kitty cat painted on her face (purple of course), ate the best grilled cheese ever and talked to Orbit. She was so excited to see him then was really skeptical once we got up to him, lol. The weather was beautiful and it truly was a perfect night! It was also the first time Autumn rode forward facing, eek! The Mustang is short on car seat room so that was the only way we could all go. Stop growing Autumn! We had the best Saturday ever!

Sunday we were all pooped. Autumn woke up grumpy, threw a major tantrum after she head-but me right in the mouth, I put her down, she tripped and it was all downhill from there. Poor babe was still exhausted shortly after she woke up and took a nap from 9-11am! We ran some errands then Ernest's parents picked up her for a little day date. I worked feverishly on some of Autumn's party stuff, cleaning out the closets for the garage sale this weekend and catching up on Once Upon A Time while I had the TV Peppa Pig and football free! haha.

This outfit...Autumn insisted on wearing these boots that are too small and this dress that is wayyyy too short! But she loved this outfit and rocked it like it was her job! She kept turning around and saying 'Princess'. Oh my! lol

I'm officially on the countdown to my birthday and, to be honest, I'm less than thrilled, ugh. I could do without another 29 the sequel birthday ;) Oh well, ready or not it's coming! Also, Monday:

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