Labor Day Weekend

Also known as the most uneventful Labor Day Weekend we've had to date. Friday and Saturday were spent being lazy and taking too many naps because Ernest was sick and Autumn and I, well we just like to take naps and be lazy :) Sunday he thankfully woke up feeling much better so we headed to breakfast and then the wine fest.
It was pretty much the usual shenanigans...hot, too many people and way too much wine! But we had a really great time mingling and drinking. We took the party back to our house where the guys continued to drink and my (almost) sis-in-law and I sprawled out on the couch and watched KUWTK and Breaking Bad. I know, super exciting. Since neither of us drink often we were both feeling a little beat from the wine and sun. Lamo! lol.
Monday I picked up my gal, we had breakfast, played, went to Home Depot, painted, played, had a tea party and grabbed dinner. And here we are Tuesday Wednesday morning. Definitely not our most exciting weekend but everyone is back in good health and ready to tackle a short week!
We've got the pet parade ahead of us, some green chili and lots of football (whether we like it or not!). Happy Hump Day!

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