Oh, hey Friday: Birthday Edition

Do people still make birthday lists at the age of...insert real age 24? Whether or not it's socially acceptable, I am making one! Here's what I'm loving and wishing for :)

I'm loving these wedges! I think I'm finally ready to start setting foot in some heels again. We'll start slowly with a cute wedge. These would be paired perfectly with some skinny jeans, a comfy sweater and cute scarf. 

This jacket. I've been looking for a jacket like this forever! A girl I work with had a perfect one on the other day so I had to ask about it. American Eagle, boom! Bring out that teenager in me :)

I rarely wear perfume because it usually gives me a horrible headache. So not worth it. But this Escada perfume is the only one I can wear without making me sick. It smells sweet, soft and feminine. It's perfect! I've been out for the last few years, lol, time to bring it back.

Scarfs! There are a few things I have too much of: jackets, shoes and scarfs! I just can't resist a plaid scarf. Doesn't it just scream fall?!

I'm always curious how many steps I take, not sure why, but I am. Guaranteed it's not enough (thanks desk job!). I've been eying a Fit Bit for a while. I only wish it had a watch with it too! But I'd still take it :)

Only a few hours left til I start my birthday weekend, TGIF!

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  1. SO glad to stumble on your blog through the link-up!! I LOVE tartan plaid scarves. I'm actually using them on my Christmas tree this year!! I'm with you on Escada--I love the smell. Also, I get headaches from overpowering perfume too!! Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be following along!