Carnival Birthday Party!

We had Autumn's Carnival-Circus party last weekend at my parents house. Autumn had a blast!! The next morning when we went back to get the chairs, Autumn kept asking 'where birthday party go? where go?' and would look around. So funny!! She could not get enough of it.

I decided to go with a Carnival/Circus theme (pretty much the same thing in my mind). There are just so many things you can do with this theme! Anyhow, I have to apologize for the pictures in advance. My parents house is very dark, we were rushing to get everything done before people arrived and I'm a dork that left the wrong lens on before I started snapping pictures, ugh! You get the jist of it though...through some poorly lit pictures :/
I kept the food super simple: hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzel bites, tater tots, and mac-n-cheese. All of these Autumn loves to eat too! For the drink, it was this experimental punch I made. Sprite, lemonade and blue Koolaid. The color was perfect and it was sugary enough to give you a cavity! 
The dessert table had the birthday cake, chocolate cupcakes, fruit with a caramel dip (caramel + cream cheese= heaven!) and the best part was the sundae bar! It was a huge hit with the adults and kids alike!!
  Autumn helped me make the cake...she had so much fun playing with everything and making an absolute mess. Totally worth it!

Ernest's Aunt let us borrow her awesome popcorn machine! It went perfectly with all the decor!
We had what was supposed to be a photobooth which ended up being everyone just using the noses and props the entire party. Much better!

There were lots of games/activities for the kids. We found this awesome circus play tent at Ikea which turned out to be a huge hit with the little kids. There was bowling, ping pong toss and a spoon/egg walk. All of these games turned into 'which ball can I stick into my mouth' for all the little kids, haha. They had a blast! 
This was pre party...pre kids...pre chaos!
It was SUPER windy this day! Hence the leaning tent!
We even had a tattoo booth with circus themed tattoos. I think the adults liked this more than the kids! We barely got Autumn's tattoo off of her last night! Those suckers stuck like glue!
Autumn got a TON of presents!! It's always so hard knowing whether to open them while everyone is there or not, so we decided to and it took forever. She got some amazing stuff...tons of clothes, Princess dress up set, blocks, bells, Piggy Polish, a karaoke machine...the list goes on and on. We are SOOO thankful for everything she received!! We've played with everything she got already...five times ;) We really like having parties for her just to celebrate the wonderful little girl she is and it's so fun now that a lot of our friends have kids too. It's a nice way to get everyone together.
 And the rest of the party (some of it)...

Autumn loved when everyone sang Happy Birthday! 

We are so blessed and thankful everyday for all the wonderful people we have in our lives and who just adore Autumn to no end. A huge thank you to our family and friends who were able to make it!! And my parents who let me throw these crazy parties at their house!!
It was super windy and super bright! Obviously

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