Mid Week Catchup

I started this post Monday and now it's Wednesday. Also, I spilled my entire travel mug full of coffee into my purse this morning. That should give you a good indicator on how things are going. This weekend was entirely too short. I could use a day of just sleeping, a day of catching up on house stuff, a day catching up on Etsy orders and another day spent with Ernest and Autumn. Oh, a girl can dream, sigh...
I had big plans for us Friday night but they were all shot down when I got home and Autumn had a high temp and was not feeling well. So instead we watched 'Memo' on the couch and way too many episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Poor baby wanted nothing but cuddles...and Mickey. Thankfully Saturday morning she woke up still a little warm but feeling much better! We think it was from the shots/vaccines she received last week. As much as I hate her to be sick, I wasn't mad about all the cuddles :)
Saturday I had to work a wedding so I was gone most of the day and night. The wedding was beautiful but oh so exhausting!
Sunday we all slept in and I was super excited to see my little fam. We lazied around for a while then hit the ground running to get errands done before our family photos. Autumn fell asleep in the car which is always bad because she won't fall back asleep when we get home :( So it was no naps for her. Luckily Ernest was able to get her down but she only slept for an hour then it was time to get ready and go.
Trying to teach Autumn basketball, lol
For our pictures, Autumn was as good as you can expect a curious little toddler to be. She did not want to be held or stand/sit still. At all. So we just went with it, did a lot of running, skipping and playing with rocks. There may be lots of pictures of just Ernest and I and a flash of an adorable little toddler running by! Haha. But seriously, we had a great time. She always hams it up for everyone else and was in full form that day. Our photographer is awesome too, she has little one's and knew we had to keep moving to keep Autumn happy. I'm excited to see how they came out and will be sharing them once they do (if all went well, eeeek!).
Sunday night we had friends over for dinner and to watch the game. Autumn was less than thrilled about this because it was during her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watching time, lol. That kid! Then it was full meltdown mode but she managed to pull it together to give everyone kisses and hugs goodnight, lol. She is VERY adamant about giving hugs and kisses. The other night Ernest put her to bed and she woke up shortly after because he 'forgot' (she didn't remember) to give her hugs and kisses. Little sweetheart.
Go get this book if you don't have it! It's my absolute fav!!
It was a short but full weekend and I'm looking forward to the next one already! Kidding, but seriously, can someone get me a nap? This week has been busy filling orders, I need to finish making Autumn's costume for my work Halloween Carnival on Friday, and make some decorations and carve some pumpkins for Friday too! Can I please get an extra 4 hours in the day?! #firstworldproblems

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