October 6th

Guess what?! I have more birthday stuff to talk about! I recapped her party, her two year stats and now her actual birth day (Monday). 
Autumn's birthday started off bright dark and early at 2am. I guess she wanted to take us down Memory Lane of what it was like in those early days with a newborn. Kidding. I think she was overly tired/stimulated from all the weekend excitement from her birthday party. So she was up on and off from 2am-4:30am. Ernest was a trooper and slept on the floor in her room to help sooth her back to sleep when she'd wake up. So when he got into bed at 4:30 and the alarm clock went off at 5am to head to the balloons, he was less than thrilled. We headed out without him and met my mom. Autumn was so funny when I woke her she said 'I see the balloons? Mom, where's my sunglasses?' when I turned her closet light on! 

She was SUPER excited to see all the balloons! It may have been that or the strawberry donut she put down in 2 minutes flat! I figured it was her birthday, I'd let her have one not thinking she'd eat the whole thing. Boy was I wrong! We walked around waiting for the balloons to go up as I sipped spilled hot chocolate all over myself while pushing a stroller. Autumn just wanted out of the stroller so we found a good spot and just parked ourselves there. She ran around like a mad woman and it looked a little something like this...
We went to see Papa after the balloons so he could show her off at work. She was more interested in 
showing off her purple sparkly boots. She passed out in the car on the way home. I tried my hardest not to wake her up so she could sleep more. Nope, she was ready to party. I had her little art table I made ready to go with all the supplies, some Minnie Mouse ears and some other goodies. Ernest brought her into the playroom and she was SO excited!! We opened everything up at once and tested all the things out. It was so cute watching her play with everything. She also got these adorable aprons from my Aunt J, Uncle T and cousin Racs. She loves them!
After we played for a while, we got ready and headed to lunch at her fav place. Sweet Tomatoes! lol. Endless mac n cheese, ice cream and grapes, sold! 

She was still super tired but refused to take a nap so the party continued. We played with all of her new toys, painted, sang, you name it, we did it. Then the meltdown began. It was nap time for us all. Yea right. She fought it so hard. Finally, she slept. We all slept. Then we were happy again.

We sang Autumn Happy Birthday, she blew out her princess candles and ate way too much frosting. It was perfect. 
We had such a fun day with our little two year old, reminiscing of how much she's grown and changed and talking about of all the fun and exciting things to come. 
We love you Autumn Jane!

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