Happy Birthday to our sweet, sweet girl! Monday was her second birthday and I can hardly believe it. It feels as if we were just driving to the hospital to welcome our baby. Fast forward two years to our wild, smart, silly, loving, little chatterbox! We could not be more in love with this little girl. Our lives changed for the better two years ago and we are loving every minute with her. 
She is 32.5 inches tall! Woah! We won't have an official weight until we head back to her two year appointment.

Officially switched to 24 month clothes except summer stuff left in her closet.

8pm-7/8am. No complaints here! Naps are another story...
We've hit this really charming stage where she fights us tooth and nail to go to sleep at night or for naps. She finds every excuse to not go to bed, 'Mama read cow milk story? I need milk (even tho she only ever has water)? Brush a teeth? Slippers go?' Literally everything and anything she can think of to not sleep.

Some meals/days are great, others are not.
Favorite foods: yogurt, more cheeezzz peeez, owivs, avocalo, sketti (no, I'm not drunk trying this), sweets (that we have to hide), fruit
Autumn is such a sweet, loving, polite little girl. She's very good about saying 'peeeeezzz' and 'thank you'. That's not to say we don't have our moments, she's good and polite when she isn't a. tired b. hungry c. in a stinker of a mood. Otherwise, she really is quite good. She always say's 'bess you' if you cough, sneeze or grunt. Autumn definitely has her moments though...like when she says 'gimme, now'. Sharing? Well that's a hot mess we're trying to work on ;) She especially gets mad if someone is on her blanket(s). You better watch out!
We are always amazed at all she is learning. Her vocabulary expands by the day, she's talking up a storm but it's more the comprehension and ideas she comes up with that really blow us away.

The other day she was looking at a picture of Ernest and I in Hawaii. She says 'go to the o-shun? See a shark?' We didn't even know she knew what the ocean was let alone that sharks live in it! So that's all we hear now is 'go to o-shun?'. Guess we'll be taking a trip next year :)

Her Grandma K has been taking her to Explora almost weekly and she loves it! It's called 'the bubble place' ;)
She is so curious and is always asking a million questions. Especially when we're driving...'Mom, what you doing? Where's Dad? Where's Jack? Where's Grandma? What Papa doing? Mom, what you doing?' This repeats at least 5 times. I'll ask her what she's doing and she'll say 'nuthin' and giggle. So funny that kid!

She's counting to ten and can say the first part of the A, B, C's. Knows some shapes and we're moving beyond everything being purple! haha

Painting is by far her favorite! Anything artsy in general she loves. Playing with her kitchen, being outdoors and swimming are also big loves for her. In fact, she's pretty game for anything. She loves trips to Target (where she runs amok!) and Starbucks, the park, family's houses (in no particular order).

She loves to play dress up like a princess or anything of mine, LOVES having her nails painted, obsessed with chapstick/lipstick, and wearing headbands/ears. Her favorite thing is washing the car/truck with Dad! She must tell him 'I wash the caaaa' at least ten times a day! And he usually obliges her ;)

Singing and dancing! This girl will drop a beat any chance she gets and sings on demand. My parents just bought her a karaoke machine and she is so cute singing on it! She belts it out and puts her arms in the air. It's my favorite thing to watch her do!

//Favorite Moment//
A few days ago we were driving home and she says 'Daaa-eeee, I hold ya hand?' so he reached back to hold her hand, then she says 'Mom, I hold ya hand?' so I held her hand too. She sighed and smiled. Melt my heart. Neither of us could believe it! I may have choked up a bit, lol. She's just so sweet!

I could go on and on with all the things she says and does. It's so much fun to watch her grow into her very own little person with a BIG personality! I fall more and more in love with her each day!

Happiest of Birthday's Autumn Jane!

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