The Day I was Attacked by a Tarantula

How is that for dramatic?! Well I will get to my tarantula story soon.

We started our much needed relaxing weekend by staying in Friday night and sleeping in Saturday morning. Once we got moving, I took Autumn to a bounce and boogie music class and she LOVED it! She was so cute dancing and shaking to the music, helping put the toys away (which never happens at home!) and being so friendly with everyone. I found this place via Groupon so we have a month of unlimited classes. We have a few others planned for her soon and I know she'll just love it. All day she kept saying 'I ring the bells at class'. So cute!
The rest of the day was boring errands stuff...grocery shopping, cleaning and the such. Yuck!
Sunday we went to breakfast at the fams house. We were supposed to hitup the pumpkin patch afterwards but Ernest got wrangled into chopping down trees and other manual labor by his Grandpa. After waiting what seemed like way too long, we decided to go without him. Which turned out great because his Mom, Grandma and two cousins joined Autumn and I. It was a full on girls trip to the pumpkin patch!
We took a hay ride to pick-out our pumpkins, saw the petting zoo (1 mean mini-pony, a donkey and the biggest horse I've ever seen) and did the corn maze.
 The morning was super cold so I wore a sweater and boots, by noon it was 75 degrees and 75 mph winds. Bad combo. So keep that in mind as we're treking through the corn maze. Hot, sweaty mess. Cute. Anyhow, we had a lot of fun doing the maze and trying to find the different stations to punch our card.
We're walking along, lost of course (6 women, come on) and I look down and see a GIANT tarantula almost crawling up the foot of my boot! I screamed like a girl, jumped higher than I ever have and ran as fast as I could! Which of course freaked everyone else out and they started running and screaming. It took me a second to realize what just happened and tell everyone else. We all screamed again. If you know me, you know I absolutely detest bugs but especially spiders. Like Hate with a capital H. So seeing that huge ass tarantula was traumatizing to say the least...but pretty hilarious afterwards! We all got a good laugh :) We snapped a few pics of the creepy crawly. Biggest spider I've ever seen! We were all so paranoid of more spiders that we found our way out of that maze pretty quickly!
Warning: Appears larger in person and terrified of spiders!
Autumn going down the giant pipe slide with her cousin. She hated it.
Tarantula aside, we had a great weekend and so much fun at the pumpkin patch with the girls! 

I couldn't leave out these cuties in their 49er gear! Autumn got this little jersey when we were still in the hospital! I tried it on her and it just barely fit, haha. Dad did not approve of those short shorts! She was running around and playing football with Ernest all night!
They brought good luck to the 49ers because they won Monday night, woot woot! 

Happy almost Friday, thank goodness!

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