I've come to accept that 1. blogging is a low priority right now 2. most weekend catch-ups won't happen until Thursday and 3. I'm glad it's Thursday :)
It was another super awesome fall weekend! We started off Friday afternoon with my work spooky carnival party. For some insane reason I agreed to help with the party decor. It was definitely a last minute scramble to get everything together, especially because the party was still during work hours.

 I scrambled home to get Autumn and quickly drew myself a cat nose and whiskers. Autumn couldn't stop looking at me, she kept saying 'Mama bow-tique? (my ears), Mama kitty, meow'! LOL.
I swear she was happy to be there! She just refused to smile at this moment, haha
I love Autumn's costume! A friend of the family handed it down to Autumn and it's adorable. I made her the floral crown and love the way it turned out. A trip to Hobby Lobby, a glue gun and lots of floral tape, bam it was done! Ok, not that easy. It was kind of a pain in the ass but I'm happy with the end result. She runs around saying 'Auuummm pincessss!'. Everything turned out great! The kids had such a great time, the adults did too and Autumn made some new friends.
The next day we had a birthday party for a friends little girl who turned one. We have had some amazing (still too hot for me, but nice) weather lately and Saturday did not disappoint. The party was outside and it was perfect! The theme was pink and gold princess party complete with crown shaped sandwiches and crown shaped pasta! Holly really outdid herself! The kids played on a swing-set, ran around with balloons and decorated crowns and wands. We all had such a great time at the party!


Sunday we had breakfast with the fam then went in search for black yarn! I bought all of it out at the store by our house so I had to drive way across town to the other store and bought them out too! That's a very good problem to have because I've been super busy with my Etsy shop and tons of Halloween orders! So thankful for that!! Anyhow, after the yarn search was done, we headed to my parents to bake some cookies. It makes me so happy that Autumn loves to bake as much as I do! We still need to frost the cookies tonight because my mom didn't have red to make orange frosting, haha!
Someone turned on the blender and got hit with some powdered sugar!

In other news, I've been busy making new holiday stuff for the shop. AND...I just got a Silhouette Cameo that I am beyond excited to use!!! I have a million and one ideas and not nearly enough time to execute them, so I'll just have to pick the very best :) I tried out a holiday sign last night and am love with how it turned out. Stay tuned! Lots of exciting stuff for my shop!
We also got a preview of Autumn's 2 year photos. This one was taken at the very end when we were getting ready to leave. I  lost my brand new chapstick so I was looking around for it while Autumn was playing in these flowers. Our smart little photog had her camera ready to catch this beauty. We got the rest of the pictures last night and will be sharing them soon.
Oh ya, and it's Halloween on Friday! We're still not sure if we'll take Autumn trick-or-treating. She is still a bit young to get it so we may just hit-up the fams houses for candy, hehe :) How different Halloweens with kids are! No crazy outfits, raging parties or wicked hangovers, haha!

Happy Thursday!

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