Two Year Photos

Last weekend we had some family photos and Autumn's two year photos taken by PlayOnLight Photography. We are so happy with how they turned out! Adrienne was super patient with Autumn (and us!) and got some amazing shots. I can't wait to get them printed and hung up on our gallery wall (because everyone needs a wall all about them in their own home, right? ::eye roll::)!

A few weeks back we went to this car show/community party (not where we live) and it was such an awesome location! I totally nerd out with cool buildings so this spot was right up my alley. It's an Antoine Predock building which in itself is pretty cool. The surroundings are equally gorgeous with lots of concrete forms, the greenest grass and beautiful vegetation. So when we were there, I knew this was the spot where I wanted our family photos. It did not disappoint! Adrienne did a wonderful job of capturing the modern aspects of the location and it's uniqueness while still having us feel natural. Well as natural as Ernest and I get, we're hopeless models! Haha. I was making fun of his blue steel Zoolander face last night, lol. JK

Autumn was pretty good for the pictures. Other than not wanting us to hold her, sit still or stay where we wanted her! In other words, she is a busy, curious little two year old. But we just let her be herself and explore and sing and dance like the little sweetheart she is.

I could literally put all 69 images up but I'll spare you. Here are some of my favorites, still probably too many so keep scrolling...

I love how Autumn is looking at herself in the window here!


 I just love them all!! And especially my little family!!

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  1. Gorgeous photos!!! Such a beautiful family!!!