Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

First off, I'm SO excited to have Sometimes Sweet Studio featured today on the super sweet Stormy's blog Life's A Dance. She's been doing a series where she features small shops like mine. I love finding out about all the cool shops out there!Head on over and check out the feature!
I know all this Christmas stuff is premature since we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving, but, if you are like me you're already making Christmas shopping lists. I also LOVE cyber Monday so I want to get most of our shopping done then. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is gift giving. I love finding things that suit everyone on your list just perfectly. But in my true indecisive nature, I can never decide on just one thing. So a few of these stocking stuffers would make the perfect big gift packed in a cute box with a big bow...for everyone on your list. Best thing: these are all under $30!

For the gal: These geo ornaments are so pretty, perfect for the modern gal in your life. This coffee mug: 'nuf said. The notepad for someone with a sense of humor. And this candle, oh this candle. It crackles, smells delicious and is pretty awesome.

For the man: My man swears by this shave butter, I'll take his word for it. The beer carrier for your frat boy husband. The Breaking Bad mug...well because it's awesome (I want it too!). The Roku is probably the best invention on earth. You can stream just about anything, love it! This 'I do Marathons (on Netflix)' shirt could also go with the Roku!! I also need this.

For the little: Autumn loves dinosaurs and saying 'rawr'. This shirt is a no brainer for her. Kinetic sand is awesome and totally not just for the kid! Polar Express...one of my favs. Perfect for curling up with hot cocoa and your bae's. And because you can never have enough books!

For the fur baby: The fur baby needs some love too!

Ok, so most of these gifts may not even fit into a stocking. But you got to think outside of the box stocking!


Oh, hey Friday

Friday, meet my excitement. Hello!

Have you heard of Goody Goody Giftswap? Somehow I stumbled upon this last year and it was so much fun that I'm doing it again. Basically you sign up and are paired with someone and you exchange gifts. It's like secret Santa meets pen pal except there are some amazingly creative people on this list. It's a little humbling actually, but super fun. I 'met' the sweetest lady last year and hope to meet someone equally as sweet.
This scarf. Enough said.
My pine scented candle obsession lives on. I went to Home Goods the other day and found these WoodWick candles that smell amazing. What really got me is they crackly as they burn. Sold! So basically our house smells like a crackling pine forest at all times. #normal

Elf on the Shelf. Last year I spent far too much time looking at all the crazy, silly and sometimes inappropriate things (think elf with a Barbie stripper) parents were doing with their kid's Elf. Try as I might, Ernest just wasn't into entertaining me by looking for the Elf at 6am each morning so I could see his reaction. Well this year I think Autumn is old enough to get the whole hoopla and I can't wait! We're going to pick up the book and elf this weekend so we can start reading it before her Elf starts reporting back. Do you do Elf on the Shelf? Funny ideas?

I saw this advent calendar on [the good life blog] last year and knew I wanted it once Autumn was older. Each day has a scripture and advent activity. So I searched it down on her blog this year but it wasn't for sale. So in total creeper mode I emailed OliviaJuneDesigns and she re-listed the advent calendar. We will still use our big wooden advent calendar (trying to figure out what to put in there) but will also read one of these scriptures per day and maybe do some of the activities. It's so easy to get caught up in the hype of Christmas, but I want Autumn to learn the true meaning of Christmas and not just the commercialized version. I hope she'll be as excited as I am about it!
Cheers to Friday!

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Tuesday Talk

You know why I will a. never be a big blogger and b. hardly consider myself a blogger? Because I'm a hopeless picture taker. We do stuff and I'm more 'in the moment' that I always forget to take pictures. So I present you with another riveting picture-less catch-up. Don't get too excited.

Friday I got a surprise from my bae's and they met me for lunch. Such a nice break from work.

Saturday Jack and I got our hair did. Not at the same place.

I tried out that walnut apple salad I wrote about last week. I had to taste test for Thanksgiving, but mostly, I was just hungry. It was amazing and I've made it two more times since!

Sunday we played in a charity bowling tournament. Considering neither of us played for at least the last hundred years we did pretty good. Don't worry, I won't be winning any bowling trophies anytime soon. You know who will? Ben. This badass high school student who bowled two consecutive 300 point games! I wasn't too hurt about that tho because I bet our friend one frame and I kicked his ass won. I asked for a beer with lots of lime. So he brought me a palm tree of limes. Winning.

Autumn is obsessed with Jack's new haircut. She may think he is a new dog. She keeps petting him and saying 'sooooo soft, ahhhhh puppy!' lol. Also, she thinks she is a puppy too and goes around licking everything, grabbing stuff with her mouth and panting like a dog. This is a phase, right?!
Autumn got into her paint. All.over.her.face. That licking thing again.
I swear it looked like more in person!
I love Target. I think I found Autumn's Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits. I also found myself my favorite Iowa Pine soy candle and some dairy free egg nog. I may be one of the few on the plant who like egg nog. Although the egg grosses me out so this one is perfect.
Until my next post of incohesive picture-less events...

Also, it's Wednesday. Not Tuesday.  


These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Somehow, no matter how old I get, I still love making a Christmas list. I remember being little and going through the giant Toys R Us Christmas book and circling everything my little heart desired. Not much has changed. The difference is, I don't expect to receive any of this, but a girl can dream, sigh... ;)
So you may be thinking, why not nicer stud earrings? Because I lose that shit quick! I'm horrible at keeping matching pairs of earrings so I'd rather not waste anyone's money on something I'm guaranteed to lose, lol. 

I've been hitting the gym consistently for the last few months and my 'gym bag' has seen better days. I could use an upgrade to this cute VS bag

I love wearing my Hunter boots but haven't been able to find socks long enough to go over them. These cute fleece socks would be so warm and cute! 

I'm in desperate need of new eye shadow. The Two Faced brand is my absolute favorite. The colors last forever and they're super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I'm loving these matte colors for everyday wear.

I have a confession: I love candles, especially pine scented ones. So this soy Christmas Hearth candle is right up my alley!

I'm like a 5 year old boy playing on the playground when it comes to shoes. I'm rough on them. How exactly is beyond me. Anyhow, I need new black boots. Stat!

It's amazing what you 'need' when it comes time to making a list, right?! I'll refrain from going on and on (and on), because I could :)

What are you hoping Santa will bring you?


Friday 5: Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

I know this may upset some and it's pretty much sacrilege, but I've been looking for some semi-healthy Thanksgiving recipes. I want stuff I can take to our family's house and not feel like the turkey myself at the end of the day. I still want that savory goodness but with a healthier note. So my round-up of some 'healthier' T-day choices (don't hate me). 

I'm in charge of taking the green bean casserole this year. Instead of using mystery can of something soup, I found this homemade version that isn't loaded with the nasty stuff. 
Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad. I love a good salad and this one sounds like it fits the bill with fresh Autumn flavors!
Creamy Fruit Salad. It's basically dessert, yum!
Ok, so this one may the most out there. But really, it sounds pretty good. And requires no actual baking, win. 
 Vegan Pumpkin Pie
And for the day after leftovers, a turkey cranberry sandwich! Sign.me.up. This one is super healthy too with a sweet potato 'bun'. 
I think we may need to taste test these recipes before Thanksgiving, you know in the name of research for the blog and all ;) 

Happy Friday!! Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway for a $30 store credit to my shop and a $35 Starbucks card over on September Farm!

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Sometimes Sweet Studio Giveaway

Today I'm virtually hanging out with my girl Karli at September Farm. Head on over to her blog to check out some awesome bloggers AND your chance to win a $30 store credit to my shop plus a Starbucks gift card! You don't want to miss this, trust me! 

In other news, I've succumbed to the sneaky (ok, not so sneaky) marketing all the stores are doing and am in full on Christmas mode. I'm trying to restrain myself to shop or decorate until Thanksgiving so until then, I'll just dream of these Christmas decorations...

I have a bit of an obsession with woodland stuff and I did our decor in this theme last year. I think I'll keep it up, especially with all the cute woodland stuff out now! I vaguely remember buying either new plaid stockings for us or a plaid tree skirt at the end of the season last year. Guess it'll be a surprise! 

Happy Hump Day and don't forget to check out September Farm today!


Winter 2014

First off, Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served and continue to serve! A huge THANK YOU for your service to our great country!!

In other news (sorry, no good way to switch gears!), I am so excited to introduce my Winter 2014 line into Sometimes Sweet Studio! It's full of lots of sparkly gold, comfy scarves and adorable hats. There really is something for everyone on your Christmas list...and something for yourself. :)

Like this super chunky knit scarf. It may just be my absolute favorite piece in my shop. In fact, I may have to keep one for myself ;)
I'm especially loving the new line of wood signs I have. They are real wood- stained or painted with vinyl lettering overlays. They are so much fun and perfect for decorating your casa for the holidays!
Stay tuned tomorrow for some very exciting news and probably (maybe), ok, there is a giveaway that you can get your hands on. Check back tomorrow...


Weekend Ramblings

Our weekend was pretty mellow and relaxing. We started it off right on Friday evening. Autumn loves nothing more than lounging in our bed. She woke up from a late nap when I got home Friday night and asked to lay in our bed. I had a horrible headache so I was happy to oblige her. She pulls the covers up and says 'oooh comfy'. Lol. We managed to pull ourselves out of bed to make dinner of potato soup and pork chops, yum, and play dress-up!

Saturday I unintentionally slept in (which never happens!) while Ernest and Autumn watched cartoons. It was glorious. Once we got moving we checked out a new fridge (that gets delivered tomorrow, woohoo!) and some other errands. I just got a flashback to the movie Old School...'we may go to Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, you know, real exciting stuff'. #lame

I worked on Etsy stuff, btw stay tuned this week for lots of exciting stuff! We had a friends house warming party that evening so Autumn and I made some chocolate chip cookies to take. She loves to bake and help (and eat butter and chocolate chips!) It may be my favorite thing to do with her!! 

The house warming was so much fun! Autumn was the life of the party. She was being super friendly and chatting all the adults up, giving hugs and just being a little nut. She is just like her Daddy!! 

Sunday was the usual family breakfast, more errands, visiting with my parents, and Etsy stuff. We also started collecting some stuff for toddler art projects that I'll be doing a post on soon. Fun!
Oh and Target. Have you been there lately? Their Christmas stuff is on point!! It took all my willpower to not shove everything on the shelves into my cart. It also makes me want to decorate rightthissecond. Good job Target marketing team, you got me! I may wait another week or two to decorate...maybe. 
Happy I wish it was still the weekend, give me more coffee right now dammit! 


Autumn Lately

This little gal of ours seems to change weekly. Always learning new things, saying funny stuff and bringing so much joy to everyday.
Lately, on Tuesday's and some Saturday's we (me or her Grandma K) have been taking Autumn to these little classes. There's music class, soccer, art and a few others I can't remember. She loves it!! It's been great for her to interact with other children, she's learning to share (ok, not really but we're trying) and she's learning how to take direction from others. The best part has been the art projects! She's brought home a spider in a web, a beaded spider, a kitty kat and yesterday some turkeys. Her favorite part is glue sticks and googly eyes! I foresee myself becoming a big time hoarder keeping every scrap of paper she touches! Watch out Ernest! hahaha
The time change has been a little rough on us all this week. She's been sleeping well and rather late but just seems to be so tired during the day. It may be that and a combo of a growth spurt or something. Last night, Ernest was convinced she grew since that morning!
This little girl is so hilarious. She puts on a show when we're out or have people over. She loves to be the center of attention, definitely her Daddy's girl! This weekend my parents watched her for a while so Ernest and I could re-arrange the playroom and make an office area for me. When she got home and saw it she said 'it's 'mazing!' LOL. Her Grandma's came over and she ran to the playroom and said 'let me show you my new house!!'. We all busted up laughing. Where does she come up with this stuff?!

She's obsessed with slippers and must wear her cat slippers at all times.
For Halloween, Autumn went to a party at her Grandmas shop during the day. She loves checking your heart, your ears and your eyes so DocMcStuffins was the obvious costume choice. She was so cute carrying around Lamby, Stuffy and her little doctors kit. She says 'I check ya ears? Mmmmk, ya heart? ya eyes? ya mouth? and then sings the little song from the show.' We had a little photoshoot in the front yard but that's where our fun ended. She was pooped out from the daytime activities so we decided to just hang out instead of attempting to trick-or-treat. Next year!
Tired eyes 

  We hitup the Farmers Market while it's still open. It's a great place to let her run wild and have fun. She insisted on wearing her Minnie Mouse ears...
Autumn is becoming SO independent and refuses to let us help her with stuff anymore. It can be frustrating for us all. She's also started hating bath time?! Especially having the shampoo washed out of her hair. UGH, I hope this is a phase because I don't want her to be the stinky kid at class! She loves to help me work on the 'complular'. She says 'I work, ok?' Then she'll pretend to type and says hmmm, like she's concentrating really hard.
She is enjoying reading more than ever now! The other day we had a stack of at least 10 books we read in one sitting! Sometimes she'll even read to us too :)

This girl is so much fun and makes everything more exciting and joyful! I am really looking forward to the holiday season with her and all the fun it will bring! 

Love you Autumn J!