Autumn Lately

This little gal of ours seems to change weekly. Always learning new things, saying funny stuff and bringing so much joy to everyday.
Lately, on Tuesday's and some Saturday's we (me or her Grandma K) have been taking Autumn to these little classes. There's music class, soccer, art and a few others I can't remember. She loves it!! It's been great for her to interact with other children, she's learning to share (ok, not really but we're trying) and she's learning how to take direction from others. The best part has been the art projects! She's brought home a spider in a web, a beaded spider, a kitty kat and yesterday some turkeys. Her favorite part is glue sticks and googly eyes! I foresee myself becoming a big time hoarder keeping every scrap of paper she touches! Watch out Ernest! hahaha
The time change has been a little rough on us all this week. She's been sleeping well and rather late but just seems to be so tired during the day. It may be that and a combo of a growth spurt or something. Last night, Ernest was convinced she grew since that morning!
This little girl is so hilarious. She puts on a show when we're out or have people over. She loves to be the center of attention, definitely her Daddy's girl! This weekend my parents watched her for a while so Ernest and I could re-arrange the playroom and make an office area for me. When she got home and saw it she said 'it's 'mazing!' LOL. Her Grandma's came over and she ran to the playroom and said 'let me show you my new house!!'. We all busted up laughing. Where does she come up with this stuff?!

She's obsessed with slippers and must wear her cat slippers at all times.
For Halloween, Autumn went to a party at her Grandmas shop during the day. She loves checking your heart, your ears and your eyes so DocMcStuffins was the obvious costume choice. She was so cute carrying around Lamby, Stuffy and her little doctors kit. She says 'I check ya ears? Mmmmk, ya heart? ya eyes? ya mouth? and then sings the little song from the show.' We had a little photoshoot in the front yard but that's where our fun ended. She was pooped out from the daytime activities so we decided to just hang out instead of attempting to trick-or-treat. Next year!
Tired eyes 

  We hitup the Farmers Market while it's still open. It's a great place to let her run wild and have fun. She insisted on wearing her Minnie Mouse ears...
Autumn is becoming SO independent and refuses to let us help her with stuff anymore. It can be frustrating for us all. She's also started hating bath time?! Especially having the shampoo washed out of her hair. UGH, I hope this is a phase because I don't want her to be the stinky kid at class! She loves to help me work on the 'complular'. She says 'I work, ok?' Then she'll pretend to type and says hmmm, like she's concentrating really hard.
She is enjoying reading more than ever now! The other day we had a stack of at least 10 books we read in one sitting! Sometimes she'll even read to us too :)

This girl is so much fun and makes everything more exciting and joyful! I am really looking forward to the holiday season with her and all the fun it will bring! 

Love you Autumn J!

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