These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Somehow, no matter how old I get, I still love making a Christmas list. I remember being little and going through the giant Toys R Us Christmas book and circling everything my little heart desired. Not much has changed. The difference is, I don't expect to receive any of this, but a girl can dream, sigh... ;)
So you may be thinking, why not nicer stud earrings? Because I lose that shit quick! I'm horrible at keeping matching pairs of earrings so I'd rather not waste anyone's money on something I'm guaranteed to lose, lol. 

I've been hitting the gym consistently for the last few months and my 'gym bag' has seen better days. I could use an upgrade to this cute VS bag

I love wearing my Hunter boots but haven't been able to find socks long enough to go over them. These cute fleece socks would be so warm and cute! 

I'm in desperate need of new eye shadow. The Two Faced brand is my absolute favorite. The colors last forever and they're super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I'm loving these matte colors for everyday wear.

I have a confession: I love candles, especially pine scented ones. So this soy Christmas Hearth candle is right up my alley!

I'm like a 5 year old boy playing on the playground when it comes to shoes. I'm rough on them. How exactly is beyond me. Anyhow, I need new black boots. Stat!

It's amazing what you 'need' when it comes time to making a list, right?! I'll refrain from going on and on (and on), because I could :)

What are you hoping Santa will bring you?


  1. What a great list, love the sparkle in those earrings.

  2. I love the boots and gym bag! I just broke the zipper tab off of my smaller one so I've been using whatever random bag I grab, but I think it needs an upgrade. Love your list!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  3. Costco has super adorable cute long boot socks!!! and they are $9.99. Love love your list!