Tuesday Talk

You know why I will a. never be a big blogger and b. hardly consider myself a blogger? Because I'm a hopeless picture taker. We do stuff and I'm more 'in the moment' that I always forget to take pictures. So I present you with another riveting picture-less catch-up. Don't get too excited.

Friday I got a surprise from my bae's and they met me for lunch. Such a nice break from work.

Saturday Jack and I got our hair did. Not at the same place.

I tried out that walnut apple salad I wrote about last week. I had to taste test for Thanksgiving, but mostly, I was just hungry. It was amazing and I've made it two more times since!

Sunday we played in a charity bowling tournament. Considering neither of us played for at least the last hundred years we did pretty good. Don't worry, I won't be winning any bowling trophies anytime soon. You know who will? Ben. This badass high school student who bowled two consecutive 300 point games! I wasn't too hurt about that tho because I bet our friend one frame and I kicked his ass won. I asked for a beer with lots of lime. So he brought me a palm tree of limes. Winning.

Autumn is obsessed with Jack's new haircut. She may think he is a new dog. She keeps petting him and saying 'sooooo soft, ahhhhh puppy!' lol. Also, she thinks she is a puppy too and goes around licking everything, grabbing stuff with her mouth and panting like a dog. This is a phase, right?!
Autumn got into her paint. All.over.her.face. That licking thing again.
I swear it looked like more in person!
I love Target. I think I found Autumn's Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits. I also found myself my favorite Iowa Pine soy candle and some dairy free egg nog. I may be one of the few on the plant who like egg nog. Although the egg grosses me out so this one is perfect.
Until my next post of incohesive picture-less events...

Also, it's Wednesday. Not Tuesday.  


  1. I'm right there with you on the picture thing. Oops! But life is still happening somehow...weird, I know! ;)

    1. Funny how life happens even when it's not posted everywhere, right?! lol.

  2. I hear you sister! So a few comments and some question. Those dresses are so pretty! You crack me up with your comments, i always laugh out loud. Declan still gives puppy kisses...and how was the coconut nog? We tried the Almond milk one...I missed the real stuff! XOXO!

    1. Thanks!! Oh the puppy kisses, they're both gross and adorable :) I thought the coconut nog was pretty good! It's definitely not as thick and creamy as the real stuff but it was a close second. Definitely worth the try! Let me know how you like it!