Weekend Ramblings

Our weekend was pretty mellow and relaxing. We started it off right on Friday evening. Autumn loves nothing more than lounging in our bed. She woke up from a late nap when I got home Friday night and asked to lay in our bed. I had a horrible headache so I was happy to oblige her. She pulls the covers up and says 'oooh comfy'. Lol. We managed to pull ourselves out of bed to make dinner of potato soup and pork chops, yum, and play dress-up!

Saturday I unintentionally slept in (which never happens!) while Ernest and Autumn watched cartoons. It was glorious. Once we got moving we checked out a new fridge (that gets delivered tomorrow, woohoo!) and some other errands. I just got a flashback to the movie Old School...'we may go to Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, you know, real exciting stuff'. #lame

I worked on Etsy stuff, btw stay tuned this week for lots of exciting stuff! We had a friends house warming party that evening so Autumn and I made some chocolate chip cookies to take. She loves to bake and help (and eat butter and chocolate chips!) It may be my favorite thing to do with her!! 

The house warming was so much fun! Autumn was the life of the party. She was being super friendly and chatting all the adults up, giving hugs and just being a little nut. She is just like her Daddy!! 

Sunday was the usual family breakfast, more errands, visiting with my parents, and Etsy stuff. We also started collecting some stuff for toddler art projects that I'll be doing a post on soon. Fun!
Oh and Target. Have you been there lately? Their Christmas stuff is on point!! It took all my willpower to not shove everything on the shelves into my cart. It also makes me want to decorate rightthissecond. Good job Target marketing team, you got me! I may wait another week or two to decorate...maybe. 
Happy I wish it was still the weekend, give me more coffee right now dammit! 


  1. She is so stinking cute! And yes, I have to avoid Target at all costs - otherwise our house would be exploding with all things Christmas! Such cute stuff right now!

  2. what a great weekend! Your daughter is absolutely ADORABLE!