Oh, hey Friday!

We are down to the wire on Christmas! Only 6 days left! My shopping is almost done (thank you Amazon everything), nothing is wrapped and I don't have a thing baked. You would think I'd have Christmas everything on the brain, right? Wrong! But I do have five other things on my mind, like...

I lied. I guess I have one thing on my mind that's Christmas related. Christmas drinks! I want to surprise Ernest Christmas Eve with some fun drinks. He will surely have a late/busy day and night at work so I want to kick back and relax with some late night drinks to enjoy by the Christmas tree.  I'd love to try this one. Although, I'll probably just get him beer ;)
We've been talking about building our forever home in a year or two. I'm loving the farmhouse modern look! Originally, I always wanted straight up modern but I love the mix of old and new.
Contouring! My BFF was telling me she's been playing with contouring makeup. So naturally I went to Pinterest and youtube and have been looking up tons of tutorials. I even went and picked up tons of new makeup to try this, lol. I'm writing this Thursday night, so today I'm going to try this makeup. If it looks anything less than a clown, I'll share. I've been pinning a bunch of tutorials here if you're interested.
This year I participated in a mug swap and Goody Goody Gift Swap. Both were so much fun! I made my mug swap mate a coffee mug (which was harder than I anticipated!) and some other goodies. For my other mate, I made her a craft box + coffee supplies. I had so much fun making both! And loved what they got me too! It's such a fun way to 'get to know' someone you wouldn't ordinarily get to meet.
This kid. She is at such a fun stage right now! She says the silliest things, has tons of funny quirks and makes us laugh so hard. How did we get so lucky!?

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  1. That house is amazing!!! SO adorable.. I did the goody swap too and had so much fun!!
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com