3 Years of Autumn!

Staying true to myself, I'm about a month late on this post...The saying 'time flies when you're having fun' is 100% accurate! It's hard to believe it's been (over) three years that we were meeting our squishy little baby for the first time. Now she's a talking, sassy, charming little person with personality for days. It's amazing how much she's grown in a few years time.
//Height// 36"

//Weight// 29.8lbs.

//Favorite Food// Spaghetti! Hands down, that's all this kid wants to eat. She loves fruit, smoothies and Boba Tea! Yes, still struggling to get this kid to eat. But the doctor assured us she is growing just fine so not to worry.

//Likes// The park, Home (the movie), being outdoors, arts and crafts, having her face painted. Pretty much everything- girlfriend loves life!

Room on the Broom! The book, the movie, everything. It's even inspired her Halloween costume! She has a little play broom and she gets on then tells E 'I want to fly' so he picks her up and she flies on her broom. Autumn tries to get the rest of us to pick her up like that but nobody flies quite like Dad. She even recites the book and is pretty good at it :)

Playing dress up. She has quite the collection of princess dresses, shoes, crowns, you name it- we got it.
Art! We do some sort of craft, painting, project, etc. almost every night. As soon as I get home, it's 'I want to do a project'. Must be my gal ;)

Holidays! Every day she say's 'is it still Halloween?' I finally had to tell her no it's not yesterday and she said well can we keep the decorations up? Until I told her it's almost time for Christmas and she was equally as excited.
//Dislikes// Sleep. We have hit a really rough patch lately. Last week she would throw tantrums at bedtime and/or would wake up from 1-4am screaming, throwing a tantrum and being overall unable to fall back asleep. This week, she is at least sleeping through the night but has been waking up at 6am she is back to not sleeping through the night. We're in the process of reading the 'No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers/Preschoolers'...wish us luck, sanity and coffee!!!!

Still swimming like a little fish. She is doing amazingly well and blowing us all away. She can now jump off the diving board into 12' and swim to her instructor!
She has also been doing 'dance' one day a week and it's more like dance/gym/singing. But this weekend she gets to start the big girl class of ballet, tap and tumbling.
Autumn also started a pre-school 2 days a week. She's been going for two weeks now and is doing better each time.. Day 1 she did good but thought the little girls were pulling her because they wanted to play. Day 2 she did even better except a kid started crying and she lost her shit and Grandma had to go pick her up. She is definitely learning some very valuable social skills, basic skills and tons of other stuff. She loves school already and we know she is going to benefit so much from this!

//Silly Things She Says//
Calls herself sissy when talking about Jack 'Oh it's ok Jack, Sissy will feed you, I know you're hungry, I know'
Recites the words to 'Room on the Broom'
She loves us to recite movies/books with her. She's say 'ok, now you say ___ and I'll say ___'. Too funny!
There are a million other things that I never remember...

Autumn is so much fun! She is learning so much and teaching us all along the way. I can't imagine my life without this sweet little girl!!


2 years, 11.5 months aka The Threenager

I'm a little late with this post seeing that we're only a few weeks from Autumn's third birthday, but oh well...

Height: 38" inches tall. I'm guessing at this point.

Weight? Who knows

Clothes: We've basically replaced all she's owned, including shoes. She's had a big growth spurt the last few weeks and has stretched so much. It seemed like she literally outgrew everything over night!

Also, she can put (most) shoes on by herself! We're still working on clothes.

Behavior: I never knew we'd go from having a sweet little two year old straight into having a teenager, or in this case, an almost threenager. She's sassy beyond her age lately and really giving our patience a run for it's money. I wonder where she gets all that sass?! ;) Even then, she is so much fun and just a little ray of sunshine (until she doesn't get her way, ha!) If she gets mad at us she'll run into the other room and pout. It's hard not to laugh.

But the bigger picture is, she is so well behaved, polite, caring, sweet and has a heart of gold. She really is so mild mannered and just full of life. She is smart beyond her years (we think) and amazes us everyday.

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, gummies, goldfish, cheese, avocados, corn, blueberries (only if they aren't sour), Oreo thin cookies (thanks to my obsession with them). Basically, her diet still stinks. She is picky, picky, picky! So we rely on smoothies, avocados, nut butters and fruit as her source of nutrition as well as a vitamin.

Sleep: This has been the biggest change as of late. We switched Autumn from her baby crib into a full blown big girl bed. She loves it! In the crib, she had been waking up a few times a night and waking up early. With the bed, she's been sleeping great and longer with only the occasional wake-up every few weeks as opposed to every night. Big improvement!

My new favorite thing is laying with her and reading. Unless she gets crazy like last night and she smacked her big ole head right into my cheekbone, ouch! She loves having Ernest lay with her before she goes to sleep for a slumber party. Every single night she says 'Dad you want to lay with me?' He says no I'm too big and lays with her anyways.

This is not to say we don't battle her nightly to go to bed or take a nap. Her favorite no nap line is 'but it's not dark outside!'. 

Silly Things: Autumn is obsessed with princesses, dressing up and all things girly. Almost nightly she puts on a princess dress, her rubber dish gloves (because they look like Elsa gloves), her sparkly shoes and a crown. Then plays 'Let it Go' on my phone on repeat until Ernest and I go insane from listening to it for the 5,000 time or until it's bedtime, whichever comes first.

She acts like a puppy all the time. And will say things like 'my paws are cold'. And licks you.

Autumn will shake your hand, pull away and say 'oh, hi (waves). Oh I'm not that Princess, I'm Anna'

LOVES to sing and dance! Her favorite song is 'Girl Crush', which is hilarious/creepy to hear her belt her little heart out to. Anything Frozen, duh. And this CD/book called 'There's a hole at the bottom of the sea'. At first it was ok, then it grew on me, then we listened to it 1.6 million times (there are only 3 tracks) and now I want to burn the thing. But she asks for it every time we get in the car. I don't have the heart to destroy it, so instead I sing along to every last !@%#$& word. Sigh.

In other news, she started swim classes a few weeks ago. Autumn just loves the water and has done so well in the short weeks she's been doing lessons. They ended last Friday but this week she starts the next swim class where she's solo with the teacher. She is basically swimming from the wall to the teacher and amazing all of us, even the instructors!

She also started 'ballet' last weekend which was more tumbling, music and follow the leader than actual ballet. But once she turns 3 she'll go into the next class.She had SO much fun at dance and was sad when we had to leave, lol.

Funny Stuff Autumn Says:
'Ugh, fine I'll put all these toys away'
Ugh fine. To everything.
'I'm not hungry, but I want a snack'
'You can't listen to that song, it's Dad's song.' or 'You can't listen to your song in Dad's car!'

She repeats something she wants approximately 500 times. Let me tell you, it's damn hard not to give in after the 385th time she's said it.

She has such a great imagination. She's always telling us funny stories based on truth then elaborated.

There are a million other things but my brain is failing me and those notes I'm always saying I should take are nowhere to be found.

Proud Parent Moment: E bought this foam airplane randomly so one evening we took it to the park. Autumn had a blast chasing it as we threw it back and forth to each other. It was Ernest's turn throwing it to me, Autumn ran her little heart out to get it, arms open wide, and S M A C K! It hit her right in the face (arms still open wide)! We could not stop laughing. It was probably the funniest thing I've seen and I wish someone had been filming it because that moment would have gone viral for sure. She would have probably started crying if she didn't see us brought to our knees laughing, so she laughed too. And we ended on a good note and took the plane home.

And another, I put some lip plumper on (eye roll, I know) and kissed her cheeks not even thinking about it. Seconds later her cheeks turned bright red and swollen!! It took me a minute to figure out what was going on and then I noticed the marks were the shape of my lips! #momfail

Less than a month and we'll be celebrating her T H I R D birthday! Amazing!! I'm in full on party planning mode for our little princess :)


2 years, 9 months

We are a short 3 months until Autumn is 3. My mind is blown. I missed last month's update because...life. We've had a very busy, but full few months. Someday I'll get to everything else, but for now, Autumn. Also, sorry for the underwhelming amount of pictures. I figured nobody wants to see a toddler blur which ends up being 90% of my pictures...

37.5" tall and ~30lbs. I swear she's stretched over the last two weeks by a mile.

2T fits perfectly but we're buying 3T so she can get more use out of everything

//Favorite Foods//
Autumn may always be our picky eater. It can be very nerve wracking when all your toddler wants to eat is mac-n-cheese! But lately she's had a better appetite. I think we can thank a growth spurt on that one. She LOVES fruit, mac-n-cheese, pizza, pasta and chocolate milk.

We've had such a weird schedule since going on vacation a couple weeks ago. Her bedtime has moved to 8:30 or 9 most nights and she sleeps until about 7-7:30. We had a rough couple weeks when she was waking up multiple times a night with nightmares. It was awful! She would wake up screaming and scared, poor babe. I'm pretty sure we can blame it on the growth spurt and a wonky schedule.

Autumn is so mild mannered, sweet, silly and absolutely happy! She is just the most caring little girl too! The other day I had a bad headache so I guess she could tell I wasn't feeling good. She gave me a hug and said 'it's ok Mom, I will take care of you'. Heart melted.

This isn't to say she doesn't have her moments. Especially if she just woke up, girlfriend is crannnnkkkky! She won't want anything, but wants everything. It's really fun. She's been into this throwing, biting, swatting thing too. It's not out of meanness but mostly to get a reaction and then she laughs. We just try to redirect her. Other than that, call us lucky because she is one well behaved little lady. Except when she has a pen in her car seat and does this...

//Silly Things//
There are about a million funny things this girl does, if only I could remember them all! But a few...

She loves birds! All the birds have names...there is Joey, Jerry, Abraham, Blue and Jewel. Blue and Jewel are from Rio and apparently the other names are from books. We see Jerry and Abraham everywhere, they work downtown and fly all over the place. ;)

Her favorite song is Girl Crush. We sing it every single day.

Whenever we hear a song in the car it's 'Daddy's song' and we can't listen to it or sing to it because it's her Dad's song.

'Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You can't do that'. For everything.

She loves Popsicle more than life. 'Autumn what do you want for breakfast?' Ummm...Popsicle!
Autumn loves the outdoors and water. We are outside 90% of the time. She especially loves swimming. When we were on vacay we swam almost every afternoon and she taught herself how to swim! She would stick her head in, we'd let her go and she was swim over to Ernest or I.

She's obsessed with airplanes. Whenever we see one go by she say's 'I want to get on that airplane'. I'll ask her where she wants to go and she's say 'Home Depot'. lol. Guess we've spent a lot of time there the past few months doing the yard (which is thisclose to being done!).

I should really post more often because I know there is so much I'm forgetting. Autumn is seriously as the funnest age yet! She talks non-stop, has the most amazing imagination and is just our little ray of sunshine. Love you Autumn bug!


2 years, 7 months

I feel your eyerolls at 2 years, 7 months. But really, those 7 months are a huge difference from 2 years. :)
What this little lady has been up to...
Every single day, as soon as I walk in the door, she asks for a Popsicle. Everyday.
How cute are they?!
The other night she wanted E's phone so she got her wand (bubble wand) and said 'abra-ca-dabra-alica-zoom!' and he fell asleep. She was amazed!! Until her spell didn't work and the monster woke up. Then it was trying different spells until she got his phone. lol.

Autumn's memory and imagination are amazing!! A few weeks ago she stayed with my parents and they saw a dead snake on the road when they went for a walk. It was all she could talk about. We went to see if the snake was still there the next day but he was gone. So now (weeks later) the story has been: her Dad killed the snake and Jack ate it. The dogs got the snake. He walked away. lol.

She loves playing in her cage. Aka my laundry basket!
She loves to give kisses. Except she'll pretend she's going to kiss you and then licks you instead! It's so gross. Especially when she just ate something and licks you. YUCK! Little weirdo.

She also likes to lick her paws, because she's Jack 80% of the time. This also includes barking out the front door at people walking by (just like Jack). Our neighbors probably think we're running an insane asylum...which, 1/2 the time we are!

I asked why she had her shirt up and she said 'oh I'm just Mousekersizing!' Don't even ask about the bandaid #toddlersareweird

Autumn loves to learn things the hard way. First there was the wasabi incident (she snatched a whole pile of wasabi from my plate in a flash. You can imagine the outcome) and now the Parmesan incident. She was helping me make dinner and sitting on the counter (I know). I reached down for a pan and in those few seconds, she decided to taste the cheese with her little sausage fingers. Well little finger didn't come out of even littler shaker hole. At first I thought, ok I'll just put some olive oil on her finger and it'll come out. Nope. Water? Nope. 

At this point, I started to get worried. Her finger was quickly swelling and starting to turn purple. I took the lid off from the rest of the bottle and tried pushing it out. Nope. She started freaking out by this point. Luckily, E's gramps was at our house looking at our broken garage door so I called him in for help. He got some pliers and as I held her very swollen finger out of the way, he gently snipped the plastic away. It was hard to get close without cutting her so he had to pull the last bit off with some force. Thank goodness we got it off! It took her a good thirty minutes to calm down and catch her breath. We were all so scared for her poor little finger. Lesson learned: don't stick body parts where they don't belong baby! lol

After this, she just wanted to put on all her dress up clothes and twirl. So we did just that. Oh, and she had me sing to her. Ha!

Her favorite movie now (and mine) is Rio. Before I saw it, she kept saying 'excuse me sir, have you seen my bird?' and doing other silly stuff. Once I saw it, the lightbulb went off and I knew exactly what she was talking about. The best part of her watching it are the wicked dance moves she has! Last night I wanted E to see her moves so I put the intro song on my phone and she was a little dancing machine!! I need to get it on video because it's the cutest thing, ever. 
Shaking her tail feather

She will repeat something 10,000 times. Whether that be 'I want my vitamin. The tree branch broke. Dad killed the snake.' This must be a toddler thing. The first 100 times are kind of cute, then it gets old, then I go crazy. :)

We have been very lucky so far with the terrible two's, but we had one really rough week where she was something else. She threw a fit when she had to go to bed. She needed the bathroom, then after a few minutes of just playing on the toilet E told her it was time for bed. At which time, she lost her marbles. There was lots of screaming, crying, flailing, kicking, etc. We had never seen her act like this. After about 30 minutes of this, E finally got her to calm down and she fell asleep.

We had a similar thing happen a few days prior to this but it went more along the lines of 'I want my blanket. I don't want my blanket. Hold me. Just let me down. I'm hungry. I can't eat.' Real charmer that gal.

Luckily these tantrums have been rare instead of the norm!

What is the norm? Me holding her 24/7. If I'm around, she wants me to hold her. Now, this isn't anything too new because she's  always been attached to my hip. But at a whopping 28ish pounds, this is tough. Not to mention I have other things to do sometimes like feed us, clean, use the bathroom. I'm not sure what's going on here but it makes getting things done almost impossible at times. And the few times I am able to sneak off to the bathroom or leave the room, she loses it! Like cries as if I'm abandoning ship and leaving her forever. I pray this is just a stage. I'm not sure if this is because I have to go to work (which she's usually fine with) but the second I'm home, she's glued to me. Poor babe :(

There really isn't much this little gal doesn't like, but the few things she dis-likes are strong.

Bee's/Flies. She will freak out in a hot second if there is a bee or fly in her eyeshot.

Bedtime. Every night is a fight. She will come up with any and every excuse to not go to bed...'I'm hungry, I need the potty, I forgot x,y,z, just one more book.' Her anti-bed game is strong.

Bath-time. We have to find someone to repair her old ass tub, so in the meantime she's been using our bath. For whatever reason, she's not a huge fan and it takes every ounce of bribery I can offer to get her in that tub. Once she's there, she doesn't want to get out. But getting her in is another story. You know of anyone that will resurface a bathtub? If so, send them my way!

There are a million other things she does that I just love. I wish I could remember every single minute with her. Autumn truly is her own person and we love every bit (ok, maybe not the tantrum bit. kidding!).  She is so smart, has the wildest hair, makes us laugh until our stomachs hurt and is the light of our lives. We are crazy about her!!


Oh hey Friday!

It's been a hot minute since I've linked up, or blogged, so why not today?! My five...

Last Friday my friend/business partner, Alex, came over for some hard cider and crafts. We're working on a series of wedding DIY's for our NM Dream Wedding blog. Today was a cute succulent table number centerpiece. Which could also double as a last minute Mother's Day gift or even something for yourself! The best part of us creating these DIY's is we got to keep the plants! I love succulents!
DIY Succulent Table Numbers
This lotion. It smells amazing!! My friend introduced me to this new product line Perfectly Posh. All their stuff is natural, super affordable and everything is awesome!! I got tons of loot like this hand cream, a pore primer, a dry oil that smells so good I want to eat it, a lip stain and a coffee body scrub bar. Really, I just want to go home and shower then lather myself in all this yumminess! lol. But seriously.

I am trying to step up my hair game because I'm so sick of wearing the same hair style but don't want to commit to anything via cut. I've been browsing tons of braid tutorials for ideas. I definitely need to step up my braiding skills stat! Now if only I could get my hair this long!

We're taking a week-long vacation to Steamboat Springs, CO in a little over a month. I'm suuuuppperrrr excited for a freakin' break! It's been way too long since I've had an actual vacation. We're going for the Mustang Roundup so we'll be doing a lot of those events but surely there will be some down time. Now I'm trying to figure out things we can do with a toddler to keep her entertained and keep us relaxed. Anyone been there?
I am still working on our yard, still. I am finally to the point of planting some plants and making it a bit warmer. We don't have irrigation back there, so my options are a bit limited. But I've been looking for DIY's for planters. This one is awesome and I think it'll definitely have a permanent home in our backyard soon!
 Happy Friday everyone, and most importantly, Happy Mother's Day Weekend! May your weekend be filled with endless mimosas, manicures and relaxation...we deserve it!

Oh Hey Friday with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife!