I've been MIA enjoying the holiday season and soaking up every last bit of it! We've been to countless family events, played in the snow and everything in between. Rather than update every last bit, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking typing...

Autumn had a blast on Christmas and the days before and after it. Errr, except the cold she caught and subsequently gave to us. While we still had a great time, we were all a bit under the weather.

She loved all her Christmas morning presents and playing with tons of new stuff.
This takes the cake for awkward family photo! lol.
Especially her bouncy house from Ernest's parents! Totally normal to have this in the living room right?! Good thing it goes up and down quickly.

NYE we had a little party of 4. Pizza, appetizers and lots of sound makers and hats. We all stayed up until East Coast new years. We technically we were awake too but already in bed, still counts right? Right.

The weather put a little damper on our new years day plans of sledding so we had Chinese food and went shopping instead.

Then the real fun started...potty training! I started Friday while Ernest was at work. We did the 3 day no pants method. Not gonna lie, Friday was rough. The worst day, by far. It was worse than having a newborn, lol. There were many accidents, tears and frustration had by all. Saturday was much MUCH better and she did really great. By the end of the day telling us when she had to go. Sunday we went to breakfast and to play in the snow. Because of this, I think Autumn got overly tired and annoyed with going. So while I don't feel I can say 'she's potty trained!' (like I thought would happen by day 3 of this method), I think we are headed in the right direction. She did SO well and we're so proud of the big girl she's becoming!! It's a huge milestone and will take time but she is getting the hang of it, and so are we :)

Sorry, no pictures here. I have some good ones but I figured Autumn may hate me for posting them someday :/

This is probably not blog appropriate but I think it's cute/hilarious. Girlfriend already has a bathroom routine. She puts her stool in front of her, feet on the stool, book in her lap. Then she say's 'you go in there' and closes the door so she has privacy. We usually stand right outside her door and can here her reading 'mouse, mouse go to sleep. Sleep tight. Little bird, little bird.' It is the absolute cutest thing! Then she'll call us when she's done. 

Back to the fun stuff. Snow! Ernest's fam got about 6-8" of snow (and we got 3 flakes)! It was tons of fun! Autumn went 'sledding' (us pulling her on the sled, talk about a workout!), made a snowman and ate lots of snow. This kid loves the outdoors and especially the snow (what kid doesn't?!)!!
In totally random news, we have watched Frozen approximately 2,000 times just this weekend alone. ALL the songs are sung non-stop at our house. Last night, Autumn was reaching up to her door knob and singing into it saying inaudible things and going 'snowman, snowman'. At first I was thinking, wtf, toddlers. And shrugged it off. Then I remembered the part where Anna was singing into the keyhole singing 'it doesn't have to be a snowman'. LOL, I just about died laughing! If you haven't seen it, you have no clue what I'm talking about. If you have, I hope you're laughing too :)

I've never been big on resolutions, but this is one goal I'm going to adhere to. More 'treat yo self' time for me. So Sunday I started with a mani, tea and a stop to Barnes and Noble. It was glorious!

While 2014 had some great times, I'm definitely not sad to see it go. I'm ready for 2015 and all the possibilities it has in store for us! Bring it 2015!

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