The Happenings of Autumn

How can one teeny tiny little munchin have so SO much personality?! She cracks us up! These are probably only things that interest a mother but I just wish I could bottle up every moment with her and this is the only way I'll remember. What Autumn has been up to lately (at 2 years, 3 months)...
She loves playing in her room alone, says 'Mom, go in there' then closes her door. She'll play in her tent, closet, etc. Then she'll come out and grab ALL my books from the bookshelf and takes them to her rug and reads things like technical writing and modern architecture books. Einstein.

She hates the wrapping on crayons. It must be taken off at once!
Speaking of doors. She has to close all the doors or the world will end.  She doesn't just close them. She slams them shut and says 'there!' Both proud of herself and as if she's saving us from some terrible creature and has just done her job.

Everything is 'that' right now. 'Mine that. What that? Where that go? Why that?' And the inquisitive age begins.

Books. Oh this girl LOVES her books! We read a minimum of 5 books before bed. Mind you, most are read 2-3 times. Each. I asked what she was asking Santa for for Christmas and she said 'a tree and a book'. Thankfully we got a few new ones. She has to take her books to bed with her too. You can hear her reading her book here. I just love her tiny little voice!

Mac and Cheese. The answer for everything. Autumn, you want to take a bath? Eat mac-n-cheese? Some days she eats really good, most days not. Toddlers. To supplement her frat boy diet, I bought her some Honest Co. fancy organic, natural, nothing added vitamins and she spit them out. Twice. So I tried it to see if she was just being dramatic (which sometimes, she just is) but they were awful! Dammit.

She is a little dance and singing machine. Especially with Ernest. They have the cutest little dance parties and I'm in charge of the camera. Love it. Frozen songs are constantly being sung 24/7. And if you dare try to steal her show it's 'no, you don't sing. Lalalala!'. Bossy britches.
10 to 1 she would rather be outside than anywhere else. And gets seriously pissed when we say it's time to go in.
Autumn is just the most polite little girl (when she's not saying 'gimme, gimme'). If we're at the store, restaurant, anywhere she always says 'thank you'.

Delicious is her favorite word.
Girlfriend remembers absolutely anything and everything...stuff we say, stuff from shows, from books, wherever! Total sponge. Her new thing is 'all day'. Everything is 'I played princess, all day'. We finally figured out where she got this from...her Daddy!! lol

She runs around with her amulet and a princess dress. She's usually Sophia and I'm Amber. Or Daisy, and she's Minnie. All day.

 The other day I asked why she didn't take a nap. She says 'huh?' I asked her again 'huh?' with a sly little grin. After the third time I got that she was just being a little smart ass and pretending she didn't know what I was talking about. Ugh, SOOOO my child! huh?

Rings the door bell (or as she calls it, 'play trick or treat?') says 'hello, it Autumn Jane'
LOVES laying in our bed in the afternoon and insists on laying under the blankets and watching TV.

She asks for an Elsa braid everyday.

Speaking of Autumn, last night she gave me a lesson in the proper way to pronounce her name. She pronounces it 'Auu-uuumm'. I said, no it's 'Au-tu-um'. 'No Mom, it's Auuu-ummm. NOT Au-T-um'. Ohemgee!

Above all, this little girl is just so happy and full of life. She is sweet, kind and loving. She gets mad if you don't give her a kiss (and a hug!) if you say goodbye. Autumn is such a little sweetheart! We won the lottery with this little gal!

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