Friday, Friday!

Well this has been an abnormal Friday for us, to say the least!

//one// I woke up at 5:20am and remembered it was supposed to snow overnight. Sure enough. Bastard. I really don't care for snow unless I don't have to leave the house, I'm snowboarding in it or otherwise playing in it. Turned on the TV and I have a two hour delay, woohoo! This then turned into 'oh no, will Ernest sis be able to drive to our house??'. I put that thought aside and headed back to bed for at least another hour. Nope. Autumn woke up at the very second I stepped into our room. So instead we made Mickey Mouse pancakes (at her request), had some coffee and enjoyed the extra time.

//two// (this story deserves two) Then, I started to panic because the roads were not clearing and remained very icy, I had a deadline at work and still needed to get there. Long story short, the roads were way too bad for Allison to drive up (after she tried and had to turn around!) so Autumn came to work with me once things melted a bit more. I got exactly zero things done while she was here! Between 'open this, what that, oh what that sound' and everyone stopping by to say hello, it was impossible to work. Thankfully my mom was able to pick her up so she could get a nap and I could get my project out! But, it was so nice spending extra time with her today and showing her off at work. She loved 'being mom and working'! She was smitten to be here and kept saying 'I wove you mom, mmmwwaaaahhh!'. lol.
//three// House of Cards Season 3 was released today. Wootwoot! I love that show! But, I'm pacing myself and re-watching season 2 so I can catch up before I move on. And so I can enjoy it a little longer instead of binge watching it all in one (late night) sitting. Who am I kidding, I'll still probably do that late tonight when I'm working on a baby shower cake for my friend. It's a lamb theme and is coming out so cute! I'll share pics once it's done.
//four// Speaking of the above picture...have you heard of @thefatjewish on Instagram or Twitter? He has the most inappropriate, wtf, hilarious IG out there! Whenever I'm having a crummy day I'll go and look at his IG and will instantly feel better because it is so freaking funny. I can't promise you won't be offended, but I can promise you will get a laugh out of him.

//five// Yesterday I went to Michaels to get some canvas and paint for a little dining room art project I have planned this weekend. Anyhow, I saw the most adorable line of floral and lace party goodies. I definitely need someone to get married or have a girl baby shower so I can throw a party and use these things. Any takers???
Well it looks like I have a snowy drive home and more snow tonight. Have a happy weekend!!

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The Season of Sickness

We've been hit hard again with wintertime sickness around our house. First it started with Autumn having Roseola, one week of us all being healthy, then Autumn got a horrible stomach bug for a week, better,  then Ernest got it for a week (while he was on vacation from work!), then Autumn got some cold/allergy/crud during the same time and can't seem to shake it. We've been in a constant state of disinfection. It's gross. I'm over it. By some miracle of God I've remained completely unscathed from illness. Thank goodness! All the fingers crossed we're done with this crap!
With that, not too much exciting going on at home. Lots of canceled plans, Mickey Mouse re-runs and cabin fever! Work wise- I've been very busy at my day job, and if you missed it, I announced that I'm one of two producers of NM Dream Wedding Giveaway! Oh, and I'm still running my Etsy business. I'm a glutton for being busy 24/7 and apparently hate sleep. But it's all exciting stuff so it's worth it.
A few weeks ago, my friend Alex asked if I'd be interested in doing wedding stuff. I said yes right away. We've been busy doing an ownership switch over from the previous owner to us. Right now, we're just trying to get all our ducks in a row before we start planning the 2016 wedding giveaway and some 2015 giveaways. I'm excited to really get going with planning everything!
Editing photos
When someone hasn't been sick, we've been up to some pretty random stuff...
Like going to car shows 
Enjoying 70 degree weather (wishing it was here again!)
Pretending she wasn't sick on Valentines
She requested pancakes. I insisted they were pink.
She did a pretty decent job for a little bit 
Then it was back to playing the doctor
And we discovered she's allergic to bandaids after breaking out in a rash where this bandaid was. Sheesh!
She's the very best sidekick! Helping me get some paint for our dining room. Painting is her absolute favorite thing!
Here's the start of it...
Next on the list: raise the damn curtains!
Autumn is obsessed with 'her friends the birds' so we made them bird feeders. It's been too cold to hang them yet  :/ sorry birds 
That's been life lately in a nutshell. Here's hoping everyone can stay healthy for more than a few days!! 

Next up is a baby shower cake this weekend, finishing the dining room and hopefully some R&R this weekend! Oh and our bathroom remodel soon, fingers crossed! 


Our Lately

It seems like the only posts I get around to lately are 'life lately' posts. I guess that's what happens, well, when life happens.

We've had a full year so far with potty training (which is going awesome and not so much 'training' anymore), an exciting project I have in the works (seriously, so exciting and scary all at once! Can't wait to share) and just the day to day stuff.
Last week was a bit crazier than normal. Autumn was up a lot Saturday night then woke up with a fever Sunday morning. She didn't have any other symptoms but when I saw one giant molar and 3 others just under the surface I was sure it was teething. Then she still had the fever worse that night through Monday and we knew it was not her teeth but had no clue what it was. Monday night was the worst. She was feeling so miserable with fever that she was up from 10pm until 4:30am. Around 4am her fever finally broke but she was up a couple hours later and we headed to the doctor.

Since she was symptom free otherwise, they said it was probably just a virus but to go back if she got any other symptoms. The rest of the week she was ok, just clingy/grumpy/sleepy and not sleeping great (or late) at night. Friday she woke up at 5:30 with a rash all over and hives on her bottom and legs. I freaked out a bit (ok, a lot!) but, she seemed fine otherwise. We went back to the doctor that afternoon and the doctor looked at her rash and said 'Great, she's doing great. It's just Roseola and this is the last of it.' Ummm...ok. Basically, it's a virus that causes a sudden high fever, then suddenly drops, then ends with a rash. I hadn't even heard of this virus before. But it was gone before we even knew what it was, haha. Good thing is, she will never have to go through this again since she now has immunity from it.
Poor little babe still isn't 100%, try as she might. She's just been very mellow, little appetite and just kind of quiet. She hasn't even asked to watch Frozen! Hopefully she'll be back to normal this week!

We had plans with friends for Saturday night from a few weeks ago. Since she was mostly better, we decided to go and Autumn stayed in good hands with my parents. Also with the thought that we'd get to catch up on sleep. Well, sleep was not had but lots of fun was! It was great to get out with some old friends and just let loose. We were feeling less than stellar the morning after and I was basically nursing a hangover all day. It was a strong (and humbling) reminder that I am no longer 20 something!
No idea why I felt like shit Sunday.
The past week I haven't been able to get much of anything done with Autumn being sick. She was such a doll and took a much needed 3.5 hour nap and I was able to do some meal prep for the week and start painting my old dresser turned new office storage. Once she woke up, she was feeling much better and helped me paint the dresser. She was so cute saying 'I mom. I'm working.' Neither of us cared too much about the Superbowl (or getting dressed to leave the house) so we just hung out at home while Ernest went to our friends SB party til halftime. We did manage to watch the halftime show (wootwoot Missy Elliot!) and the last 1.5 minute of the game. That's all you really need, right?
Here's hoping for a full recovery for Autumn, health for us all and some fun Valentines projects coming up!