Autumn: 2 years going on 20

Autumn is almost two and a half but some days we think she's nearing 21 instead! She is a gal who knows what she wants and will not hesitate telling you so. Some of the silly things she does/says as of late...
She is half kid, half puppy Jack. She had me put his leash on her and she crawled around the floor barking and insisting I feed her in a small bowl on a floor. #toddlersareweird

Listening to her music in the car. First thing before we even start the car is, 'I want to listen to Frozen! No Papunzle, no Frozen.' Sometimes we'll jam out to all the songs, other times it's 'not that one' until we skip through the whole CD. 
We went to the zoo last weekend with some friends and she has not stopped talking about it since. 'I want to see the penguins!' Even though we didn't see a single penguin, ha!

I can't do this, I can't do that. Usually take a bath, go potty, brush her teeth, etc. 
Hiding from bed time
Autumn's cooled off from watching Frozen a million times but now we've moved on to Tangled, or rather 'Papunzle'. She likes to put things on her hair to make it long like Papunzle's. And she brushes and brushes my hair, all day.

The first thing she says to me when I get home is 'I want my vitamin'. Sweet kid! 

Her favorite food is spaghetti. Obviously.
She loves to paint! 
This is her 'painting dress'

Everything is 'it's my turn'. My turn to read to you, my turn to cook (no complaints here! haha, if only), my turn to sweep, my turn to sing.

She absolutely does not like taking baths. Every time is a struggle to get her in. Once she's there, she's totally fine and plays forever. So if her hair is in another top-knot, you know it's because she fought me to take a bath.

Mom's Favorite Moments: There are so many but two of my favorites are...she say's 'you're my best friend mom' followed by a big hug and kiss. Heart melted. The other is, once she's gone to bed, I find little piles of stickers, scribbles in (all) of my planners, notebooks, etc. Just those little things that are the telltale that she's been there. Sometimes the piles of x,y, z drive me mad, but I know one day when she's all grown up I will miss them dearly.

Dad's Favorite Moments: Autumn lays in our bed in the mornings before work. Her and Ernest will stay there until he has to get up. The other day he said 'my favorite thing in the world is the mornings with Autumn when it's like a sleepover. She talks my ear off, we laugh and she squirms all over the bed.' So sweet!

The other day they were playing in her room and Ernest told her 'I love you', she said I love you, he said I love you more. Then she blew both of us away and said 'I love you most!' How does she even know the difference between more and most?!

 I say it every time, but she is at such a fun age. Her personality is shining more than ever! We love our sweet, feisty determined little lady!

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