Happy (Two and a ) Half Birthday Autumn!

Yes, half birthday's are a real thing and yes we will be celebrating. More than likely with some Easter leftovers, but hey a celebration is a celebration. Plus, this is pretty much the only time I find for blogging anymore.

Autumn at 2-1/2 ...
No clue on height or weight yet, but she is getting so tall and big! When I hold her her legs go down to my knees! She'll be passing me in no time! 

Autumn bargains with me for more gummies, to watch more Mickey, etc. like she is a used car salesman. She just keeps asking and asking, until we finally find something else to distract her. She is quite the bargainer!

Autumn loves to sing!! There is a karaoke machine at her great grandparents and she usually has a mic in her hand. 
She hates having socks on! As soon as shoes come off, it's socks off immediately.

Ernest and Autumn have this silly thing of stealing each others nose. It's a daily thing. The first thing she usually says to him when he gets home is 'give me my nose back!' lol.

Loves her nails painted. Then say's it's your turn and paints mine. She does a surprisingly good job. This typed as I'm staring at my Autumn manicure hoping I don't have any meetings today and wishing for some nail polish remover!

Calls popcorn little pinecones.

Autumn has been putting shows on for us. Aka dancing her little booty off! The other day she was doing a show for me and Jack was nearby, she said 'Jack, are you ready for my show?' then starts shaking her tail feather (her words)!

The other day we were all in her room sitting on the floor. She runs away and says 'I've got to Mouse-kersize!' then starts doing a combo of yoga (learned from her Auntie Allison), hip lifts (learned from who knows who) and push ups from watching Ernest! We busted up laughing because a. she looked hilarious doing these things b. we had no clue, aside from yoga, that she paid that much attention to mimic push ups and hip lifts! Then, she completed her workout by flexing her muscles! She is too much!

She hates for doors to be open. If we're in any room that has a door she'll slam it shut before doing anything else.

She keeps saying 'excuse me sir, have you seen my bird'. I'm guessing she heard that on some cartoon, haha.

She's pretty much down to one nap a day and if she doesn't get said nap, she is something else. She either gets overly hyper, silly and clumsy OR becomes a PMS'ing teenager and the world will end if she does not get exactly what she wants.

Autumn says hello to EVERYONE if we're out and about. We can see someone who looks grumpy and in their own world and she'll wave at them and say hi (until they hear her) and instantly their sour face turns into a smile. Then she'll chat their ear off, lol. I hope she keeps this kind of friendliness forever.

Autumn truly is such a kind, happy and wonderful soul. I'll say it again, but I don't know what we did to deserve such a blessing. She is one in a million billion!

Happy half-birthday Autumn Jane!

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