Where have we been?

Living life, that's where!! Ha!

It's been a long minute since I've posted anything on here! I've been blogging a lot over at NM Dream Wedding, busy with work and trying to keep up with our busy 2.5 year old.

I've also been outside as many hours as I can muster getting our yard in tip-top shape. It's about 1/2 way done right now. We have a patio, grass and a wall for our garden and some bamboo. I'm so glad I waited to plant since we've had some seriously cold/crazy weather here! I'll share photos once it's more complete.

Going back as far as Easter...Autumn had a blast hunting for eggs (a few hundred times)! She also made out like it was Christmas morning with tons of bubbles, clothes and other goodies! We're still playing with eggs to this day!
She's been busy helping me out in the yard. She absolutely LOVES what we have so far!
Excuse the half painted wall :/
Busy looking cute as ever
Drinking Boba Tea's every chance we get
Playing at the Farmer's Market. By far one of our favorite things all year!
Running at me as fast as she can and jumping into my arms!
Helping me cook dinner.
Enjoying the rain
And more rain while being silly
Going to a TMNT birthday party this past weekend! She had soooo much fun! And so did we :)
She insisted on playing with all the boys. They were so sweet to give her a turn!
We worked on turning all her old crayon bits into some cool alphabet crayons! I love the way they turned out!
I shared this picture on FB this morning for a timehop. 3 years ago today we announced publicly that we were expecting our first baby. Oh man, how time has changed since then! Everyone thought it was a current photo announcing another pregnancy. NO!!! While we'd welcome another baby with open arms, we are definitely not expecting anytime soon, lol! I guess people see what they want to see :)
So yup, that's been life in a nutshell pictures. I can't wait to be d-o-n-e with the yard and just enjoy it! But we have a very busy month and a half with lots of birthday celebrations, graduation parties, and weddings aka very little time for yard work. Someday it'll get done and I can share pictures. Until then...

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