2 years, 9 months

We are a short 3 months until Autumn is 3. My mind is blown. I missed last month's update because...life. We've had a very busy, but full few months. Someday I'll get to everything else, but for now, Autumn. Also, sorry for the underwhelming amount of pictures. I figured nobody wants to see a toddler blur which ends up being 90% of my pictures...

37.5" tall and ~30lbs. I swear she's stretched over the last two weeks by a mile.

2T fits perfectly but we're buying 3T so she can get more use out of everything

//Favorite Foods//
Autumn may always be our picky eater. It can be very nerve wracking when all your toddler wants to eat is mac-n-cheese! But lately she's had a better appetite. I think we can thank a growth spurt on that one. She LOVES fruit, mac-n-cheese, pizza, pasta and chocolate milk.

We've had such a weird schedule since going on vacation a couple weeks ago. Her bedtime has moved to 8:30 or 9 most nights and she sleeps until about 7-7:30. We had a rough couple weeks when she was waking up multiple times a night with nightmares. It was awful! She would wake up screaming and scared, poor babe. I'm pretty sure we can blame it on the growth spurt and a wonky schedule.

Autumn is so mild mannered, sweet, silly and absolutely happy! She is just the most caring little girl too! The other day I had a bad headache so I guess she could tell I wasn't feeling good. She gave me a hug and said 'it's ok Mom, I will take care of you'. Heart melted.

This isn't to say she doesn't have her moments. Especially if she just woke up, girlfriend is crannnnkkkky! She won't want anything, but wants everything. It's really fun. She's been into this throwing, biting, swatting thing too. It's not out of meanness but mostly to get a reaction and then she laughs. We just try to redirect her. Other than that, call us lucky because she is one well behaved little lady. Except when she has a pen in her car seat and does this...

//Silly Things//
There are about a million funny things this girl does, if only I could remember them all! But a few...

She loves birds! All the birds have names...there is Joey, Jerry, Abraham, Blue and Jewel. Blue and Jewel are from Rio and apparently the other names are from books. We see Jerry and Abraham everywhere, they work downtown and fly all over the place. ;)

Her favorite song is Girl Crush. We sing it every single day.

Whenever we hear a song in the car it's 'Daddy's song' and we can't listen to it or sing to it because it's her Dad's song.

'Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You can't do that'. For everything.

She loves Popsicle more than life. 'Autumn what do you want for breakfast?' Ummm...Popsicle!
Autumn loves the outdoors and water. We are outside 90% of the time. She especially loves swimming. When we were on vacay we swam almost every afternoon and she taught herself how to swim! She would stick her head in, we'd let her go and she was swim over to Ernest or I.

She's obsessed with airplanes. Whenever we see one go by she say's 'I want to get on that airplane'. I'll ask her where she wants to go and she's say 'Home Depot'. lol. Guess we've spent a lot of time there the past few months doing the yard (which is thisclose to being done!).

I should really post more often because I know there is so much I'm forgetting. Autumn is seriously as the funnest age yet! She talks non-stop, has the most amazing imagination and is just our little ray of sunshine. Love you Autumn bug!

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