2 years, 11.5 months aka The Threenager

I'm a little late with this post seeing that we're only a few weeks from Autumn's third birthday, but oh well...

Height: 38" inches tall. I'm guessing at this point.

Weight? Who knows

Clothes: We've basically replaced all she's owned, including shoes. She's had a big growth spurt the last few weeks and has stretched so much. It seemed like she literally outgrew everything over night!

Also, she can put (most) shoes on by herself! We're still working on clothes.

Behavior: I never knew we'd go from having a sweet little two year old straight into having a teenager, or in this case, an almost threenager. She's sassy beyond her age lately and really giving our patience a run for it's money. I wonder where she gets all that sass?! ;) Even then, she is so much fun and just a little ray of sunshine (until she doesn't get her way, ha!) If she gets mad at us she'll run into the other room and pout. It's hard not to laugh.

But the bigger picture is, she is so well behaved, polite, caring, sweet and has a heart of gold. She really is so mild mannered and just full of life. She is smart beyond her years (we think) and amazes us everyday.

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, gummies, goldfish, cheese, avocados, corn, blueberries (only if they aren't sour), Oreo thin cookies (thanks to my obsession with them). Basically, her diet still stinks. She is picky, picky, picky! So we rely on smoothies, avocados, nut butters and fruit as her source of nutrition as well as a vitamin.

Sleep: This has been the biggest change as of late. We switched Autumn from her baby crib into a full blown big girl bed. She loves it! In the crib, she had been waking up a few times a night and waking up early. With the bed, she's been sleeping great and longer with only the occasional wake-up every few weeks as opposed to every night. Big improvement!

My new favorite thing is laying with her and reading. Unless she gets crazy like last night and she smacked her big ole head right into my cheekbone, ouch! She loves having Ernest lay with her before she goes to sleep for a slumber party. Every single night she says 'Dad you want to lay with me?' He says no I'm too big and lays with her anyways.

This is not to say we don't battle her nightly to go to bed or take a nap. Her favorite no nap line is 'but it's not dark outside!'. 

Silly Things: Autumn is obsessed with princesses, dressing up and all things girly. Almost nightly she puts on a princess dress, her rubber dish gloves (because they look like Elsa gloves), her sparkly shoes and a crown. Then plays 'Let it Go' on my phone on repeat until Ernest and I go insane from listening to it for the 5,000 time or until it's bedtime, whichever comes first.

She acts like a puppy all the time. And will say things like 'my paws are cold'. And licks you.

Autumn will shake your hand, pull away and say 'oh, hi (waves). Oh I'm not that Princess, I'm Anna'

LOVES to sing and dance! Her favorite song is 'Girl Crush', which is hilarious/creepy to hear her belt her little heart out to. Anything Frozen, duh. And this CD/book called 'There's a hole at the bottom of the sea'. At first it was ok, then it grew on me, then we listened to it 1.6 million times (there are only 3 tracks) and now I want to burn the thing. But she asks for it every time we get in the car. I don't have the heart to destroy it, so instead I sing along to every last !@%#$& word. Sigh.

In other news, she started swim classes a few weeks ago. Autumn just loves the water and has done so well in the short weeks she's been doing lessons. They ended last Friday but this week she starts the next swim class where she's solo with the teacher. She is basically swimming from the wall to the teacher and amazing all of us, even the instructors!

She also started 'ballet' last weekend which was more tumbling, music and follow the leader than actual ballet. But once she turns 3 she'll go into the next class.She had SO much fun at dance and was sad when we had to leave, lol.

Funny Stuff Autumn Says:
'Ugh, fine I'll put all these toys away'
Ugh fine. To everything.
'I'm not hungry, but I want a snack'
'You can't listen to that song, it's Dad's song.' or 'You can't listen to your song in Dad's car!'

She repeats something she wants approximately 500 times. Let me tell you, it's damn hard not to give in after the 385th time she's said it.

She has such a great imagination. She's always telling us funny stories based on truth then elaborated.

There are a million other things but my brain is failing me and those notes I'm always saying I should take are nowhere to be found.

Proud Parent Moment: E bought this foam airplane randomly so one evening we took it to the park. Autumn had a blast chasing it as we threw it back and forth to each other. It was Ernest's turn throwing it to me, Autumn ran her little heart out to get it, arms open wide, and S M A C K! It hit her right in the face (arms still open wide)! We could not stop laughing. It was probably the funniest thing I've seen and I wish someone had been filming it because that moment would have gone viral for sure. She would have probably started crying if she didn't see us brought to our knees laughing, so she laughed too. And we ended on a good note and took the plane home.

And another, I put some lip plumper on (eye roll, I know) and kissed her cheeks not even thinking about it. Seconds later her cheeks turned bright red and swollen!! It took me a minute to figure out what was going on and then I noticed the marks were the shape of my lips! #momfail

Less than a month and we'll be celebrating her T H I R D birthday! Amazing!! I'm in full on party planning mode for our little princess :)