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Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that! Since it's been about a freakin' century since I last updated this here ole blog, it seems like half the year has passed! Maybe someday I'll get to documenting Autumn's birthday, our end of year holidays and just life. But, until then, I'll update what our little gal has been up to...

Age: 3 years, 3 months-ish

Height/Weight: 38" and 31lbs.

Favorite Foods: 
Gummies, Goldfish, spaghetti, hot chocolate, sweets and gum. Healthy huh? Gum- she is obsessed with it! She stashes it in random places and will come up to me like 'haha look what I have'. Stinker!

Inside Out! It's her our new obsession. If you haven't seen it, do! So good! She recites ALL the lines from it. The girl in the movie is named Riley and she pronounces it (sounds like) wie-lee. Then she categorizes everyone based on the characters...'I'm Joy, you're Sadness and Dad is Anger'. :/ lol
Rainbow Unicorn- my fav Inside Out character!

She's a total Mama's girl and likes to emulate everything I do like putting on makeup, doing my hair and cooking. But she's a total Daddy's girl too, as soon as he gets home. They rough-house (which drives me nuts), watch football and eat Reece's Pieces.
She didn't get beat up...that's her makeup :)
She loves to help me cut mushrooms and gets really upset if she thinks I'm cutting them without her.

Sharing, singing her songs, listening to 'her Dad's songs', shrimp and loud noises. The last one she especially dislikes. Popping balloons, loud airplanes, bikes, cars, etc. She doesn't like any of it. Sometimes when we're driving she'll ask if we can just talk aka turn off the radio.

Autumn is now doing pre-school two days a week, half day. She loves it! She's interacting with other kids, learning basic skills and improving overall (colors, ABC, etc). We are taking a break from dance because she lost her shit, twice, during the 'big girl' ballet/tap/tumbling class. Not only was it unfair to the other kids, it was a huge waste of money and time (dance classes are not cheap!). SO...we shall wait a few months and try again, if she wants. She was one of the youngest and that one year really makes a difference. Once it warms up, we'll put her in swimming again and would like to find another activity like soccer.
The one and only day she stayed and participated in ballet
Ernest took her ice skating on New Years Day (when I was getting a massage :) ). It was about the cutest thing I've ever seen! She is obsessed with ice skating and we put on a show nightly on our wood floors. So being on real ice, with real skates just blew her world.

Sledding- we went sledding new years weekend. She wasn't too amped on sledding but mostly liked eating the snow and the marshmallows from the hot chocolate.
Silly things Autumn says/does:
Turn the page, I don't like elephants, they just bore me.

What in the whiskers!?

'Are you a boy or a girl?' She asks everyone this at least 5 times a day, especially her Dad. Then she'll get really mad if you say you're the opposite 'No you aren't Dad, you a boy!'. She also pronounces girl like 'gul'. Sometimes I wonder if she's from Europe.

She has an excuse for everything! 'No, I can't eat that because it's sour for me.' Seriously?

Autumn carries around a purse almost everywhere we go with at least 6 different chapsticks, some of my necklaces, and other random little trinkets. I absolutely love this about her. It reminds me of when I was little and held my little treasures with such affection. When I see what she puts in her bags it just makes me smile, she's so sweet!
She has not one, but a whole gang of (imaginary) friends. I'll be making dinner and she'll say 'are you making some for my friends?'. So of course I'll make Minnie Mouse, Mufasa, Daisy, Elsa, Sven and Anna a plate too. Our dinner parties get pretty big most nights! ;)

'Let me tell you a horrible story...there was a beautiful gul and then she was woken up by ghosts, wooooooo (spooky hands)'. No clue on the planet where this came from?!

She LOVES playing Micro-Machine cars with Ernest! Although, I'm not sure who loves it more- her or him :) He bought her a whole lift station and tons of cars. It's really the sweetest thing.

Autumn is bossy, sassy and wise beyond her years. She is also the sweetest, most caring little gal and we could not be happier with the fun-happy little girl she is! All the heart eye emojis in the world for her!!

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